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October 7th 2002
Published: October 27th 2008
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It's was our second year in Singapore (year 2002) and things have been good. Coming back from Hong Kong/Macau trip, we had to prepare for another trip - the US (Oct 7-21). We were really not much prepared for this because Mark's trip was like finalize last minute! Although we already knew he might be sent to US for a business trip, getting a visa and doing all the bookings were not yet arranged. When we finally got all the details prepared (flight bookings, hotel bookings) there was no more time to list down the places to visit and plan our itinerary. Although we really cannot arrange the itinerary as we want to cause we won't be driving.

Anyway, we left October 7 (my birthday!) so it was a special trip for us. We flew with eva air, had a stop at taipei and headed straight to LAX. Kelvin was only 2 yrs old then. We were quite worried because he might not have a comfortable flight since this was a very long flight to LAX. But everything was a breeze. He did not cry. He did not make a fuzz. Good boy he really was. He just played with his matchbox and hot wheels cars almost THE ENTIRE TRIP! Hubby and I were sleeping most of the times while our baby boy was playing.

Upon arrival at the airport, there was a gush of excitement and nerves (cause there were stories of people being deported and stuff like that). Luckily we breezed thru the immigration. There was a new counter that was opened because the queues were quite long. And then we were asked by the immigration officers about the trip, put a chop on our passports and escorted out of the immigration. The immigration officers were quite nice, i should say. Although there were also some random checks and we were almost always been "rendom checked".

We were picked up by hubby's aunt at the airport. The airport was not really that impressive compared to Changi. We were expecting something more flashy and sophisticated. But it was just the immigration, baggage counter and then the waiting area. Nothing much to see and do around the airport (or maybe it was just us!).

After seeing hubby's aunt, exchanging greetings and formalities, we headed to the streets of LA. We didn't go straight to the hotel though. We were toured around LA's famous sights - the Mann Theatre, Kodak Theatre, the stars walk and chinatown (for dinner).The place was great! Chinese food was good too. Shortly after midnight, we arrived in the hotel (Holiday Inn Downtown LA). This is the first of our 14 days here in California.

During the whole US trip we were able to go around famous attractions with some of our very accommodating relatives.

Tita Nora and Tita Ema toured us around down town LA. We also visited Universal Studios. The studio tour was good although sometimes queues are quite long (as expected). Kelvin was not able to go on the ET ride because he was not in the mood. But he enjoyed the tram ride around the studio wherein we saw "jaws", scorpion king studio (the critters effect were really yucky!!!).

Auntie Meding and Uncle Roger were so kind enough to let us visit their home (had breakfast there) and bring us to Disneyland. We spent one whole afternoon there. Met Mickey and friends, tried some of the "safer" rides, walked around Disney grounds, watched the parade at night and waited for the fireworks. Kelvin enjoyed playing around Minnie's house and the Dog Pound.

My best friend and cousin Hazel and her family drove to LA from Arizona to meet up with us. We were both teary eyed cause we haven't seen each other for years. She surprised us by getting the adjoining room! My family and I heard a knock on the door in the adjoining room and were wondering who in the world would knock on the room next to yours?!?! Then when i opened the door, there she was, with her husband and 2 lovely boys. We talked the whole night, keeping each other updated while our little boys got to know each other and played till late night. The following day we drove around to see the HOLLYWOOD sign (didn't get too close though) and visited Venice Beach(Muscle Beach).

Auntie Ling and Uncle Rudy brought us to Vallejo for a few nights stay in their house. Then we visited Reno, Nevada (just walked around the casinos like Cesars Palace) and Lake Tahoe (had a picnic and took in the view of the mountains and lake) and Six Flags Marine World (some of the rides are way out of our league!).

14 days had already passed. It was a nice experience - meeting our relatives there and also seeing the famous west coast sights.


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