Cedar Creek and Lone Pine

Published: June 9th 2009
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the only noteworthy thing about Cedar Creek Campground, Sequoia Nat´l Forrest, was that i i had the joint to myself. So, as you do, I busted out the harmonica that I still haven´t learned to play. I spent most of the night trying to play along to "Silver and Gold" by Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros and loudly singing along to Hank Williams and Born Ruffians. I made a huge fire and danced around, tooting on the harp - you know, to scare the bears away. They´re rampant in these parts...¨
Then it turned out that someone had shown up in the night, unbeknownst to me. I packed up and split first thing out of emberassment.

Then I tipped the bike over on the side of lake Isabella, saw my first joshua trees and was in the desert.

Lone pine was illin´. I wish I had more time but I wanted be in Vegas for the weekend. Or, so i thought...

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Lake IsabellaLake Isabella
Lake Isabella

I"m just going to mention the windsurfers who where booking it along the river in 50mph winds or how choked I was a few miles from here when I found out that lake Isabella was ALSO a reservoir. I'm not going to mention that I bailed on that rut in the road and laid out the bike. I got battery acid on me:(
Yay, Joshua Trees!Yay, Joshua Trees!
Yay, Joshua Trees!

Dr Seuss eat your heart out.
Silly mormons!Silly mormons!
Silly mormons!

That doesn't look like Joshua's hands reaching skyward. A crazy-arthritic desert shaman, maybe... but not good ol' Josh...
Joe's shack of JerkJoe's shack of Jerk
Joe's shack of Jerk

They jerked everything at this place! Turkey, Me, Buffalo, Snake, Beef. Wait what?! Nothing, musta been a typo... But they did Jerk a bit too much money out of my pocket, that's for sure.
Mt. Whitney towering over the desertMt. Whitney towering over the desert
Mt. Whitney towering over the desert

I pulled into the Portagee Joe campground just after the sun ducked behind the Sierras.
What a photographer!What a photographer!
What a photographer!

But you have to admit that's pretty cool. (Those aren't piles of dirt in the mid-ground, their desert foothills. Sorry but being a native of foot-hill country, seeing cacti below snow-capped peaks really does it for me...
Owens LakeOwens Lake
Owens Lake

WTF? There's no lake there! There's just some puddles in the middle of a saline lake bed. Sorry Owen, but your lake sucks.

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