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September 4th 2008
Published: September 12th 2008
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Sept 4th Thursday-6th sat

Drove from Vegas to Lee Vining which is on the edge of Yosemite. Hardly any traffic at all - very scenic drive.
Lee Vining was small place very near lake Mono. Stayed in motel and left fairly early next morning - drove 76 miles through Yosemite- stopped to walk up to Dog Lake which was a short walk but very steep, at quite high altitude- about 8000 ft. We stayed in a tented cabin in Curry Village right in the middle of the park. We had to put anything scented into a bear box- each cabin has one.It was warmer than expected for the time of year at Yosemite but it became a lot cooler at night. There were a couple of restaurants and a grocery store- very busy with tourists. We really liked Yosemite- the scenery is amazing.

Sep7th Sunday

We walked up to Nevada Falls which was a tough walk- really steep and about 7 miles in total. Fantastic views so worth the effort.

On Monday morning we left Yosemite and drove to near San fran airport. Stayed in a hotel and the dropped the car off the next morning. Then we caught the train into San Fran and went to our hotel. Walked to straight to Fisherman's Wharf and saw Lombard Street ( car chase/windy road) went to pier 39 and saw the sealions lying on the rafts- watched them for quite a while- they were very argumentative with each other- fun to watch! Did some laundry and emailing in afternoon! Stayed around hotel in evening- lots of cheap restaurants.

Sept 9th tuesday
Caught cable car to seafront and walked about- went to Golden Gate Park and went running - did intervals so I was near Mike at all times- there are some very dodgy people in SF! Booked train to Santa Barbara and LA and motels for them. on internet. Went to Indonesain restaurant in evening- had some cAlifornain wine- very nice!

Sept 10th Wed
Went to Lori's 50s style diner near our hotel ofr breakfast as recommended by my parents! Caught cable car and went to Coit Tower- good views and it was actually sunny - has been very cold even in the day! Caught bus to Ocean beach later in afternoon and walked through part of Golden Gate park- went to Haight /Fillmore area as recommended by a german we chatted to and went to Japanese restaurant.

Sept 11th thursday
Cuaght 9.30 boat to alcatraz- enjoyed the audio tour- then caught cable car back to hotel - rode on outside hanging on - not as scary as it looks! spent afternoon emailing and getting photos copied onto cd and typing this journal!


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