i would never pay that much for a flapper stopper


Life has finally settled into a "normal." I always think it's cool when that happens. You move somewhere, or go back to school and it's hard to get in the swing of things and before you know it, you have.

Well I put in a picture of fire camp cause it looks really neat and I feel like it's almost overwhelming to see that many tents in one spot. The fires are becoming more and more a commonality to my life. We gage the days by how bad the smoke is. The morning it's more clear and sometimes the winds will shift the direction of the smoke and we'll have a blue sky. They say this will go through the rest of the summer. The fourth of July is this weekend. I have to work, which is fine, but I just hope I will catch a glimpse of Chuck Norris. the fourth is a huge deal here and everyone is worried about how the smoke will effect it. I doubt people will let it bother them too much. Despite how smoky the lake is, there are people out there everyday.

I've been joking around with my coworkers on how one of them wants to get a Hummer (gag me) and I needed a vehicle the other day. Soai let me drive his truck, the biggest truck the forest service owns. He was like, "can you handle it?" I hate how much fun it is to drive big cars. I was reflecting while I drove this monster through the mountains on why people buy these things since they are so expensive and such gas hogs. I came to the conclusion that you are either hauling a shit load of stuff (as the forest service does), or you enjoy the power of controlling something so massive. I feel for most Americans it's the latter. You can't control an elephant as easily as a 4x4. I wish people weren't so high and mighty and felt the need to control anything they can to make themselves seem more important. And believe me, you feel more important when you have to jump into a truck. But are you more important? No. Not at all. You just end up paying too much to make yourself feel better about yourself. Lame. And people wonder why that skinny, little girl needs to drive that huge truck. The answer is she doesn't, but I was hauling stuff so at least it had a purpose.

Well I drive dirt roads now and the road I take goes right by Wilson Lake, so I took a picture.

Sunday I left work early so I could go fishing with Gaytha. We didn't catch anything, but I did see a snake so that was cool. It was nice to do something fun outdoors, especially fishing since I needed a refresher course because the last time I fished was when I was like 5 and won that perch contest. I didn't have the same luck on Sunday, but we had fun and it was just nice to be out there.

Well I am really enjoying the people here. The campground hosts are really cool and they just love to talk. I like hearing what they want to tell me. They all have pretty cool stories about their lives and their experiences at the campgrounds. They also enjoy feeding me and since I am not really on the clock and part of the recreation department's job it to talk to them, I don't feel guilty spending time with them.

I may go out of town to this hippie college town on the coast next weekend. That should be a nice change of scenery and I will finally get to see the Pacific! Woohoo!!


11th July 2008

Leah, where's your sign-off line? You're letting me down. :)

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