Explosive Eruptions of Lava and Flowers: Lassen National Park

Published: September 20th 2007
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Lassen National Park. The name's not very familiar is it? It wasn't to me either. A park isolated by spectacular surroundings in Northern California where the Sierra Nevada end and the Cascades begin, Lassen is about halfway between Lake Tahoe and Mt. Shasta. My impressions of the park before I visited were a bit unimpressive. But within 5 minutes of passing through the Park Service gate, I k... Read Full Entry

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20th September 2007

Nice write up Steve. When are you going to switch careers and become a traveling photojournalist?
20th September 2007

So crisp! So clear! So bright!
Hi Steve! I love the colors and brightness in this series. It's fun to see the closeups of all the flowers....it gives us a hint of what treasures are on the ground in all of those magnificent landscape photos! :) I can't wait to see how your eye captures Cambodia!
20th September 2007

Hey Hippi, I must thank you for the mini vacation you give me from work. I sit and stare at your pictures and can almost completely escape from my work mode to relax with you on your trip. It is truly a treat.
20th September 2007

Stay tuned!
Stay tuned Chippie, the next series of posts lead you straight to one place- Jeff and Laura's new life in Bend, OR!
20th September 2007

Chips life
You need to visit Chip and photo document his world for us.
21st September 2007

the flowers are incredible...
21st September 2007

oh goodness!!!
The photos are SPECTACULAR! I love your write-up too, thanks for letting me live vicariously off of you :) I hope all is well!!! :)
22nd September 2007

Hi! I've just stumbled onto your blog and couldn't resist saluting you on your photography! The pics are really ace mate! All the best!
29th September 2007

Very clever...
The contrail looks like the reflection of the snow. I get it. Brilliant
22nd May 2009

WTF. THIS SUCK! god go die. :) k thx

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