Joshua Tree National Park

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Wind farm on the way..Wind farm on the way..Wind farm on the way..

this was near Palm Springs and was the biggest wind farm we had ever seen, it went on for ages
It was crazy driving on the big Freeways out of LA and visiting the huge Walmart for the first time where we stocked up on camping supplies and food; it was difficult to find anything in a small size!

We arrived at Joshua Tree National Park late and after finding a camp site at Hidden Valley we went on a little walk at Barker Dam before tea; the camp site was lovely and we had a nice chilled night. In the morning we woke really early; you don’t have much choice as the sun rises early and we had an un-comfortable night’s sleep. It was a good thing as we wanted to go on a walk to the Lost Horse Mine and so did it before the sun got too hot. Another great walk with stunning surroundings and after, we went and looked out over San Andreas Faultline and the surrounding mountains; great views.

We retreated to the town for the afternoon to try to escape the sun; we looked around the town and decided to purchase an airbed; an essential item. We found another great campsite later that day at Jumbo Rocks; only one downside, there were loads of bees buzzing around which turned it into a bit of a nightmare for me! We climbed onto the huge rocks and watched a bit of the sun-setting before doing another walk to Skull Rock; the name says it all.

After a much better night sleep we went for another small early walk and nearly got lost; thank god for Dim’s sense of direction because if it was left to me I would have been lost and dying of heat exhaustion! We made our way towards the exit of the park and to our final and the most grueling walk yet; the 49 Palm Oasis; it was really hard going as it was late morning and really hot and there were some steep climbs; the walk was well worth it though as seeing the Oasis for the first time was great; sitting amongst the huge palm trees in the shade was so refreshing after the walk.

Knackered after the long walk we had some dinner and then left, next stop The Grand Canyon.

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Yo Dude..Yo Dude..
Yo Dude..

On the way to Joshua Tree Park
The amazing Tree of life..The amazing Tree of life..
The amazing Tree of life..

in a dry and harsh environment this tree provides so much life to others.
Lost Horse MineLost Horse Mine
Lost Horse Mine

We walked an hour to this place and thank god we did it in the morning as it was so hot.
Dim looking over Hidden Valley..Dim looking over Hidden Valley..
Dim looking over Hidden Valley..

We walked and camped here and it was a really beautiful spot.
Sat on a Jumbo Rock..Sat on a Jumbo Rock..
Sat on a Jumbo Rock..

we tried to watch the sunset here but once we climbed up there were bigger rocks blocking our view.
Another walk..Another walk..
Another walk..

we probably over did it on the walks here but there were so many to choose from.
49 Palm Oasis walk..49 Palm Oasis walk..
49 Palm Oasis walk..

As you can tell it was ridiculously hot that I got my bra out!

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