Huntington Beach & Pier

Published: February 10th 2016
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Joanna and Penny meet some ducksJoanna and Penny meet some ducksJoanna and Penny meet some ducks

Jo went for a walk with Grandma & Grandpa this morning and found some ducks.
After two days of theme parks, we were ready for another relaxing day on the beach. The kids spent most of their time playing in the sand. They built castles and dungeons with a moat. They splashed a little in the water, and then we decided to go for a walk down to the pier. The pier was lined with little shops and a few musicians. At the end of the pier, we found stunning views looking back on the beach and various resorts. We put our names in to wait to be seated for lunch at Ruby's Diner, located at the end of the pier. Unfortunately, we didn't get any views, but the diner was perfect for our family. It was a 50s theme, and instead of little coloring books for the kids, they gave out a cardboard punch-out car. The kids could build a car and decorate it with stickers. That kept them happy & busy while we waited for our food.

The walk back was a little eventful. I tend to get an upset stomach when I travel, so I needed to use the restroom on the walk back to our hotel. There are public restrooms on
Ready for the Beach!Ready for the Beach!Ready for the Beach!

Heading out for Huntington Beach.
Huntington Beach, but there were a lot of homeless hanging around. The bathrooms were unisex and not exactly cleanly. I didn't have much choice, so I had to use what was one of the grossest bathrooms I've ever been in (second only to that public bathroom I had to use in San Francisco a few years back).

We spent the latter half of the day back at our hotel. My parents ended up taking the kids for a marshmallow roast that the Hyatt was hosting, and so Andrew and I got to have dinner together. We picked up some salads from a deli, and then we shared a coffee and played some video games at the arcade. It was nice getting to spend that time with him, and a nice way to finish out our California vacation.

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