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North America » United States » California » Fresno November 27th 2008

San Joaquin Valley, Huron. same day late afternoon. I leave Jerry's Diner in good spirits due mostly to the blond waitress's well shaped bossom uppermost on my mind, let's not forget the cute smile she gave me when I payed my bill. The down hill stuff is getting to an end when I finally enter the San Joaquin Valley, supposed to be one of the most fertile places in the USA and home to the big computer chips producing firms. Cycling on and on through fields full with almond trees, peaches, orange trees with bright orange colored oranges, agriculture as far as my mind's eye can see. Fresno is getting close, a reasonably big city and with it heavy traffic and related stressfull situations but I'm once again on my mental adraline high with the added ... read more

North America » United States » California » Fresno September 8th 2008

Well, it's now 5am, almost. Gotta leave for the airport in about an hour, and I still have the last min packing stuff to do. So the next update I'll make, I'll be in Japan. Still hasn't officially hit me yet. I'm guessing once I arrive in Narita, it will. Still extremely weird that I'm actually going, but I'm excited. This will be a huge adventure in my life, and as nervous and anxious as I am right now, I feel ready and I know God wants me to be going, that He has something incredible in store for me, and that this is where I am supposed to be (or going, haha). So yes, no worries, just nerves, which is natural for someone to go to a whole new country with a major language barrier ... read more

North America » United States » California » Fresno September 7th 2008

So, I've got the last few hours of today, tomorrow, and Monday morning. Today was full of pampering, very nice. Went and got traveler's checks, got my hair done, had my favorite Vegetarian food from my favorite vegetarian restaurant, got my nails done, and went and had a couple margaritas with the sister, mom and Noriko, my new friend I've made who's going on the trip to Japan with me. She's really cool, excited to get to know her more and hang out with her. Now I'm just hanging out, debating on whether I should do some more packing, but decided against it. Tomorrow will be full of final seeings. Going out to lunch with people from chruch, hanging out with the amazing Kelsey Oliver, yay, and lots of movies, and then dinner with the family ... read more

North America » United States » California » Fresno September 5th 2008

So I have about 4 days before I leave. I leave 9am Monday morning to LAX, then at almost 1, I will be leaving with my fellow exchange students for Narita International Airport, Tuesday afternoon. About 12-13 hours of travel for me. All my paperwork has been turned it, my audition CD is in the hands of the director, and I am almost completly packed. So all that's left to do now is wait. Sadly, it's still hasn't hit me that I will actually be in Japan studying for a semester. How did I get that lucky? I have no idea, but it's what I am to do, the path God has called me to. So I cannot wait! Well, more to come, either right before I leave, or after I get there. I should have ... read more

North America » United States » California » Fresno July 9th 2008

Hallo allemaal!!!! Hoewel het eigenlijk bed tijd is (nu 22:25, normaal slapen we dan wel ) toch nog even een berichtje... ~ Helaas niet gered dus het is inmiddels woensdagavond geworden.... :-) We zijn nog geen week weg maar hebben het gevoel dat we drie maanden onderweg zijn!!!! Wat hebben we al ontzettend veel gedaan zeg! Een paar dagen geen internet gehad dus nu even profiteren! Vanuit LA zijn we dus noordwaarts langs de kust op weg gegaan naar San Francisco. Dan praat je wel over 400 mile ofzo dus halverwege sliepen we in het Silver Surf motel. Op weg daar naartoe hebben we eerst nog de hele dag een Santa Barbara doorgebracht , een supergezellige kustplaats. Pier op geweest, langs het strand gelopen en winkeltjes bekeken. Het was er echt super druk. Opvallend in zo'n ... read more
Santa Barbara

North America » United States » California » Fresno May 14th 2008

Today was a catch up day. We went to Fresno to do laundry and go to a Wachovia Bank because we were having problems with our debit card. We were very grateful that there were bank branches in Fresno. Bank problems resolved, I tackled the laundry. I have to say this laundry experience was not on the same level as Sedona’s! I think the number of out of order machines almost equaled the operating ones. We decided to stay in a campground on the way to Sequoia National Park, our destination for Thursday, which was about an hour away. We were in an agricultural area again and it was the first time I ever remember smelling the earth as we drove down the highway (the soil is black and looks rich). Then we passed an region ... read more

North America » United States » California » Fresno February 27th 2008

Wow.... finally back home. That trip went by very quickly. Now that I can finally sit down in peace, I will fill in everything that I never put up on this blog. MIAMI: Amazing tropical city. Humidity was killer. We stayed at the Biscayne Bay Hotel which was beautiful. When you go out on the streets of Miami, all you see is green. There is SO much growth everywhere; palm trees, plants, flowers, vines on buildings. Miami itself is growing; everywhere you go, you see new buildings under construction. The University of Miami, itself, is no less beautiful; everyone wears shorts and t-shirts and sits under giant palm trees that are strewn throughout the campus. Everyone walking around is tanned are very relaxed. I came the day after the U beat Duke, so everyone was very ... read more
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North America » United States » California » Fresno January 24th 2008

My friend Tim told me about this site, and it sounded like a great idea to keep everyone at home informed about my cross-country road trip here in America. I am starting off from Sacramento, California, stopping first in Austin, Texas, next in Dallas, Texas, and then on up to O'Fallon, Missouri. I'll be visiting good friends at each location and checking out some of the sites. Then it's back to Sacramento! Although a few people think I am crazy for doing this alone (Stacy), I am very excited for the trip and to see more of this country of ours. So I left today after work. I got together with friends Michelle and Matt for a sushi feast before I started driving. Matt is flying out to Missouri to meet up with me and visit ... read more
My first hotel room

North America » United States » California » Fresno November 13th 2007

I'm just about to head off for my final drive to Portland. Joe and I have had a blast here - some nights we would spend so much time talking and catching up on things that the sun was coming up as we were finally going to bed. I'm not sure how I've survived on so little sleep, but I have and it's worth it. There's always tomorrow to catch up on sleep, right? It's about 8:45am here and I'll probably be on the road by around 9am. Most of my things are already packed in the car. I got another 200 miles or so before I have to stop for gas but I'll definitely need to stop for food before that. It's 40 degrees in Portland, and the high for the next two days is ... read more

North America » United States » California » Fresno November 10th 2007

I received word yesterday morning that my sister had given birth to her second baby - a baby girl named Mya Alice. She was born at 5:06am yesterday (November 9th) and weighed 8 lbs, 0.8 oz. and is 20.5 inches long. Congratulations Lisa! I can't wait to see Mya and kiss her on her tiny little forehead :) This makes my 11th niece/nephew (I really wish the English language had a catch-all name for nieces and nephews just like it does with "cousin"). This also makes my third Goddaughter - the other two being my oldest brother, Bobby's, daughter Brianna and my second oldest brother, Ben's, daughter Maryanna. Both brothers now live in Minnesota and Louisiana, respectfully, so I won't get to see those Goddaughters nearly as much as I will be able to see Mya. ... read more

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