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June 8th 2010
Published: June 10th 2010
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Today I leave for Dubai! The past two days have been crazy with packing and shopping to get ready for the trip. I bought my two jerseys (Portugal and USA!) I was going to buy the home US jersey (blue) but the white stripe across the chest made me feel like i was a pageant beauty queen so i went with the white since the... stripe was less obvious.

My fantastic friends (team kamaljit) surprised me last night with a impromtu going away celebration. I thought i'd be done packing by 10, which would be a significant improvement from when i normally sleep before trips, but after a little ballatore and some good times with my friends i ended up sleeping at 2am.

I am now packed sitting at work, since my flight is at 4:45 today and I have realized that trying to work when you know you are going on vacation for a month is extremely difficult. So i began searching for tickets to Match 56 (rd of 16) in Cape Town. which will most likely be PORTUGAL/Brazil vs. Spain! Fifa is playing with my emotions telling me that tickets are available and then ripping them out of my hand when i hit "confirm" It's like a really cruel girlfriend that i'm head over heals for...


11th June 2010

fun entry
I dont' know you, but I saw your entry as I went in to ck my son's blog. He is in Spain for the summer and I happened to see your entry and read it. we love soccer too. My son, like you, didn't take his USA jersey, cuz he was afraid it would make him stand out like a beacon for theives. But we are excited for the World Cup. Best wishes for you for a great vacation. Great photos. And "good on ya" for admitting you're Catholic. Us too. M Denton Idaho
13th June 2010

I did take my USA jersey. I'm sure there will be so many US supporters. I just didn't buy the blue one because i thought the stripe across made me look ridiculous. Thanks for the comments! Yea I am super stoked on the world cup and excited for the vacation.
18th June 2010

Hahhaha I love that last line!

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