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North America » United States » California » Eureka May 31st 2017

I woke up early before everyone to get a work out in. I ran outside through the Bothell suburb of Seattle. Surprisingly there were glimpses of home in Seattle. A country village with an enormous statue of a chicken in front of it. After I finished running and stretching, I yelled at the kids and my hubby to start getting ready. We had a long day ahead of us. The kids growled and so did Tim, but eventually everyone was awake, packing, and heading down to breakfast. We intended to leave by 6:30, but it was more like 7:30 when we finally hit the road. Being north of Seattle 7:30 is not really a good time to leave. It was the start of Rush hour. Rush hour would test our brakes with all the stop and ... read more
Giant chicken
Precious silence
Lumber before Oregon

North America » United States » California » Eureka November 11th 2016

On the road again! After spending some quality time with family out west, I have taken a flight to start a Central America trip. This trip actually starts in Cancun for a few reasons...One is that the flight from San Francisco was a lot cheaper to fly into Cancun rather than Belize City. Another reason is that the Mayan peoples that share the same culture are spread across Mexico, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. So it makes sense to visit what is up north before heading all the way south. I am really excited for this trip! It feels like when I went to South America many years ago. Same language, similar food, easy to get everywhere, jungles, mountains, beaches, oh man I can't wait! Now Cancun is kind of a party spot. Lots of ... read more

North America » United States » California » Eureka March 28th 2016

Geo: 40.8032, -124.16We're pretty sure that Bonnie D hasn't seen enough tree photos yet so we immediately headed for the Avenue of the Giants to get her a few more. The Avenue is surrounded by Humboldt Redwoods State Park, which has the largest remaining stand of virgin redwoods in the world, but many of these massive trees sit on private land so there is a fair bit cheesiness involved in some of the more well-known stops along this avenue. That said, you can still see the Immortal Tree (950 year old tree that has survived not only the ravages of time but also the 1964 flood of the area, a 1908 attempt at logging, and a direct lightning strike which removed the top 45 feet of the tree), various Treehouses (which are usually hollows in the ... read more
Road To Avenue Of The Giants
Pacific Coast Road
This Was On Our Hotel Wall

North America » United States » California » Eureka October 9th 2015

Finally made up to northern California to admire the redwood, there is not much I can say to describe the magnificence and splendor of the mighty giants.... read more
eureka 002
eureka 003
eureka 004

North America » United States » California » Eureka July 29th 2014

Day 23 & Day 24- Made our way to Swimmers Delight campground about 45minutes south east from my sister's house. We got camp set up and went exploring. I had so much fun watching Galena run around, climbing, exploring, swimming, and helping cook campfire meals. We spent most of the day swimming in the river and creating campfire masterpieces. Sausage and pepper sandwiches, toasted s'mores, bruschetta, campfire biscuit "quiche", etc. Like I said before, we never go hungry when with these guys. Yum! Day 25- Packed up camp, slowly. Rolled my bad ankle while loading up the roof rack which hurt pretty bad, more than the actual sprain, but luckily after a few hours it was back to "normal". We followed my sister and her family back to their house for a quick shower before heading ... read more
Chubby cheeks full of grapes
Hammock time

North America » United States » California » Eureka July 28th 2014

Day 22- Drove from Chico, CA to Eureka to see my sister Jessica, boyfriend Jared, and niece Galena. My mom, who only moved up to that area at the beginning of the month, joined us for dinner. Jessica and Jared prepared a glorious BBQ of fresh local Salmon and veggies. We never go to bed hungry when eating with these guys! The weather on the coast was 60 degrees, foggy and cold. Please keep in mind we had previously left the Sacramento of 110 degrees (for the Mower wedding) and Chico of 100 degrees, so coming to the coast was a bit of a shock. As Sven and I dug out our sweatshirts my sister grabbed her sunglasses to go on a walk. Acclimation at its finest. Sven and I convinced my sister's family to join ... read more
Backyard BBQin

North America » United States » California » Eureka May 9th 2014

After a great sleep I was up early and out with my camera down to the shoreline. I had visualized some images with the local lighthouse and wanted to see what I could find. The tide was too high for me to walk across the rocks to the lighthouse, so I had to be satisfied with some images from the shore. Still, I’m pretty happy with the results. The effect of the wind from the day before could still be seen in the waves rolling in, so that added to the scene. I had a quiet walk along the shore and explored nooks and crannies in the little inlets. I got underway about 10am. The goal for today was to visit one of the redwood forests that are scattered along the coast. I chose ‘Prairie Creek ... read more
Shoreline stacks at Crescent City
Crescent Beach at Crescent City
The Grandeur of the Giant Redwoods

North America » United States » California » Eureka July 2nd 2013

Big Trees abound.Charlie actually drove his bike through one. Okay it was a tourist trap but it was neat. It is located in Klamath, CA and is a must do if you are in the area. Next we headed to the Redwood National park. Charlie had to stop and snap pictures of EVERYTHING. I think being in granola eating, tree hugging, environmentally conservative artsy-fartsy country (his words not mine) is rubbing off. I am actually right at home with all this, I just have no artistic talent. He hiked up a trail with glee to snap pictures of the redwoods and lush flora. Was I surprised! From there we had a nice lunch at Trinidad on the ocean. The Seaside Cafe had a delightful dungeoness crab fare and clam chowder. Then on to the Patrick's Point ... read more
Bikes in front of tall trees
Deb in Tree
Lush Foilage on 400 meter walk to beach

North America » United States » California » Eureka July 1st 2013

Well we are camped at a KOA .Tomorrow we will tour the redwoods Excuse spelling as this is phone.... read more

North America » United States » California » Eureka May 9th 2013

Geo: 40.8032, -124.168.30 am start for trip to California. More amazing scenery of the pacific coastline and very low cloud cover over the mountains. 11 .10 and we enter the golden state.Have just realised that we've been listening to Christian radio for the last 20 minutes.Driving through prairie creek redwood state park. These are bloody big trees over 300 ft and can live up to 2000 years. Black bears live here too but no sightings. Have seen deer, sheep, cows and goats and strangely eucalyptus trees.It appears that we underestimated some journey times as the speed limits are low here and 101 is very windy roads a lot of the time. Also have to pass through many tsunami zones. To add to this; American roads are poorly maintained. Oh well never mind it's still a nice ... read more
Giant redwoods
More trees

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