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November 18th 2009
Published: November 18th 2009
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Escondido 5 - 7th November

We had a relaxing morning catching up with the blog and chilling out in the hammock in Simon and Nicki´s back yard. After lunch we took a visit to some beautiful meditation gardens with an exotic array of plants and flowers and a stunning view point over looking the sea. Emma wasn’t feeling too well so we headed back to their house stopping off at the supermarket so Doddy could get some ingredients to cook us all spaghetti carbonara for tea. After dinner we watched Simon do some glass blowing with him making us each a personalized shot glass, cheers Simon, before going to bed for our last night in the States.

The next morning we went to the local shopping mall to get some supplies for South America. After lunch we said our goodbyes to Simon, Nicki and Emma and started our drive back to LA airport via the post office to post a box of stuff home - turned out to be a little too expensive to post, and to try and find Doddy a waterproof - turns out they don’t have a great selection of waterproofs in LA where it never rains!

At 7.30pm we took the car back to the airport safe and sound and said goodbye to our trusty little stead. At the airport we checked in and managed to join the passport control line just before the queue got massive. As we had some time to kill we decided to get something to eat. Unimpressed with the fast food selection in our terminal we decided to try another. We arrived in Terminal 6 and found the Californian Pizza Kitchen where we decided to eat. I’ll let Doddy explain what happened next…

Just as Bowks and I tucked into our pizzas I spotted a man with a distinctive feature, that being a T-bar moustache, a blonde T-bar moustache. I knew it could only be one person; yes it was no other than Hulk Hogan himself! Star struck I sat a table away trying to eat pizza whilst he sat with his agent eating his. Having missed the opportunity for a photograph with our last claim to fame Hermione Granger from Harry Potter I was not about to let this one slip the net, so polishing off my pizza in record time I went over and told him that I thought he was a living legend and would he mind me having my photo taken with him. After saying ´Thanks brother´ he posed for a photograph with me, monumental! Me and Hulk Hogan, a wrestling legend, although he did look somewhat older and supported a slight limp whilst walking, but still a hero!

It would appear that Bowks and I seem to encounter famous people at airports, I wonder who will be next…

After getting over getting over the exhilaration of meeting the Hulk we returned to our terminal and found a couple of seats and people watched passing the time before our 1am flight to Panama. We saw all kinds of goings on including the old chestnut of a person arriving seconds late for their flight and swearing and cursing as he watched his plane taxi out to the runway. Fortunately Bowks and I didn’t do anything similar and were soon flying towards Panama, a 6 hour flight that went really quite quickly as we slept pretty much all the way. A change in Panama and within an hour were on an onwards flight to Lima in Peru where we had week trekking the Inca Trail to look forward to.

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18th November 2009

Hulk Hogan.
Hi Both, Can't stress enough just how much of a joy your blogs are to read, you're giving us all back home a real taste of your travel experiences, all the wonderful people and places, but most of all I'm impressed that you met the living legend that is none other than..... Mr Hulk Hogan, mind you Doddy it does look like he's gonna rip ya arm off and eat it!

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