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North America » United States » California » Crescent City September 1st 2008

Well wonders will never cease...Crescent City is in the directory!! The day started out well after a good nights sleep at the Quality Inn,Ukiah.Breakfast was good and chatted to a couple from Pacifica near San Francisco who had immigated (some timeago by their accent)from the Phillipines.Its always good to pass the time with locals as you get so many different views of this huge country.Must be the circles we mix in or places we stay but we always seem to meet Democrats and in fact can't remember the last Republican we spoke to. We headed north on 101 with very light traffic.I tried the overdrive again which I have found is great while the drive is flat but it gets a bit unerving when you travel uphill and the car never loses speed.There is always the ... read more

North America » United States » California » Crescent City February 19th 2008

Obfuscator writes: There's not much to say about this day. We left Seattle in the morning, and drove until 10:00 PM, for about 12 hours in the car all told. We drove down I-5 until close to Oregon border, where we detoured west to the coast. We picked up US-101 South, and followed it all the way down the Oregon coast. It rained for the whole first part of the day, which made it . . . slow and unpleasant. Eventually it started to clear up though, and so we were able to see how beautiful the Oregon coast really is. We didn't have time in this leg to stop and check it out, unfortunately, so I think we both mentally added it to our lists of things to see in the future. We pressed on ... read more
It's sad there won't be any more Star Wars Movies.  We were waiting for Darth Ryderwood to appear.
Lighthouse on the Oregon Coast.
More Oregon Coast.

We finally made it to California! Sorry it's been so long since we wrote last, but it's hard to find internet in all the small towns we go through. Thanks to Tom, Susan, Nora, & Rory for the time we spent with them in Seattle. We had a great time while preparing for our journey. Those kids are so cute-- check out our flickr. Our first three days from Seattle to Portland were good, just trying to figure out a pace and get used to camping in strange places, like sneeking onto Army bases and waking to the sound of morter blasts in the backround, very cool. Arriving in Portland felt really great, stopped at the Ash st. tavern for a cold drink and a burger, dropped Sharkeys name and Mike from Magic courier instantly offered ... read more

North America » United States » California » Crescent City October 20th 2006

We woke to a nice but cold day. Crossed the Oregon/California line and found ourselves in Crescent City. Again my sister was more adventurous than me so we ended up wading across the rocks to a little lighthouse called Battery point lighthouse. The local lighthouse keeper gave us a little tour round even though it was closed. Nowdays the light is a 700w electic bulb which flashs for 26 second intervals day and night. I found some mountain biking tracks just down the road so checked it out. It was a coastal route, so you had to climb up a steep almost unridable route until you were at cliff level but the ride was worthwhile after that, winding slightly downhill and through redwoods and spruce trees with the ocean popping between the trees at certain intervals. ... read more
Battery Point Lighthouse
Having a whale of a time
California North West

I felt a lot better in the morning. Dunno what it was the night before, but some cola and a good night’s sleep (sleeping in an extra 2 hours) did the trick! Mom and I checked out of the hotel and then went our separate ways; her on a taxi to the airport, me back in my car and further up the coast. It was good to get some personal space back. The drive up to Crescent City was really nice. I went through a bit of the wine country, with vines stretching out for rows and rows. Then I entered the National Redwood Forest. Wow. It was like driving through another world at some points. The best part was when there was a 2 mile stretch where the trees were so tall and so close ... read more
Tidal Pool 1
Tidal Pool 2
Tidal Pool Aftermath

Well these are some beautiful trees. The most massive peices of wood I have ever seen. Most are at least 8 feet across and must be hundreds of feet tall. Amazing!!... read more
Big Wood

Stopped for a minute to see the coast at Cresent City. The weather wasnt very good and it poured the whole drive. But we made the best of it.... read more

North America » United States » California » Crescent City December 26th 2005

This morning Allen was reluctant to leave the warm sheets behind, but after much persistence and the promise of tree-hugging in his immediate future, he braved the cold shower and followed Marce in her quest for breakfast. We paid a brief visit to the motel lobby and found Nick, dressed in a towel, blessing the lobby area with Champa incense. We gathered our blessing-sprinkled continental breakfast and continued our drive to the town of Legget on Pacific Coast Highway 1. The Pacific Coast Highway, now more often called The Redwood Highway, meanders through spectacular vistas, following the turbulent Eel River and cutting through towering Redwood Forests. Our first close-up encounter with the tallest living beings on earth happened at the World Famous “Drive-thru” Redwood Tree in Legget. There we drove Aveo, our trusty steed, through the ... read more
A Real-Life Tree-hugger!!!
Blogger in a Log
Drive-Thru Tree (a.k.a. The Chandelier Tree)

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