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Around Crescent City there are 4 Redwood Parks. Today we explored the one east of town; Jedediah State Park is home of the famous Stout Grove and Howland Hill Road. Howland Hill Road is unpaved and offered us an intimate encounter with the towering old growth redwoods from the comfort of our car. It is a winding narrow one lane road used for 2-way traffic. The maximum speed is 25 mph, but our maximum was below 10 mph. Redwoods are the tallest trees in the world and can be more than 2,000 years old. They require a lot of moisture and get at least half from the abundant fog on the coast. Besides driving through the park, we also walked on the Nickerson and Stout Grove Trail. These trails meandered among colossal redwoods, revealing their full ... read more
Howland Hill Road
Really, really, really BIG TREES!
Sharing the Wonders of the Forest

A big shout out to my grandson, Calen Richards who turned 12 today. Love and miss you buddy. The day started off up at the Battery Point Lighthouse. What a great view of the Pacific Ocean. Next it was up to the Tram at the top of the Trees. It was quite a hike up to the tram, 1/2 mile up a winding trail, but the tram ride to the top was well worth the trek. We could see across the vast Redwood National Park and the amazing TALL trees. The temperature dropped dramatically and we all about froze, but we survived. We headed down the coast and found a 10 mile drive that took us on an amazing drive right along the cliffs of the coast. Tomorrow we are heading to Coos Bay, Oregon. Bye ... read more
Big Tree facts
Big Tree
Coastal Waters from above

Today we an easy drive up Hwy 101 to Crescent City. We arrived early afternoon to a wonderful camp site among the redwoods. It has been raining or an on all day, but forecast is for clear skies tomorrow. We plan to spend two night here and visit Redwood National Park tomorrow.... read more
Finally the ocean
Misty drive
Misty mountains

North America » United States » California » Crescent City October 6th 2012

THE BASICS We moved rather slowly for a week or so through southern Oregon, and have finally arrived in California, our "last" state for this segment of our trip. Now we are looking for a place to store the two vehicles for a few months so we can fly home in two or three weeks. THE FLUFF We really liked Oregon very much. I especially liked that there were so many book stores with good selections of used books, and coffee shops everywhere. But overwhelmingly the scenery was the best, and we had an abundance of sunny, warm weather, which we know is not always the case out here (75 days without any rainfall is a bit of a stretch in Grants Pass). We spent a few days near Eugene, hanging loose. We sat in the ... read more

North America » United States » California » Crescent City September 27th 2012

Here are the pictures. The internet at the last motel didn't work. read more

North America » United States » California » Crescent City August 19th 2012

Wednesday 15 August We left at 8.30 am and started the long drive from Tacoma to Newport which took about 5 and a half hours. We passed by Olympia, the Capitol of the State. Unbeknownst to us, there was some old guy shooting at freeway traffic but we missed him - or he missed us. We crossed a bridge to Portland, which was also the border to Oregon. Tim said that everyone moves real slow in Oregon and then we promptly hit heavy traffic. We moved real slow. It was a long, long drive to Newport past lots of dense woods and passing a good few logging trucks. I was excited to see a covered bridge just like the one Geena Davis died on in Beetlejuice. We checked in at the Econolodge which Stacey had booked ... read more
Sealion at Newport
Foggy Oregon Coast
Seagull and cat at Crescent City

Preparing to leave Richardson's Grove the next morning, we saw about twenty types of moths had been attracted to the bathroom light overnight. It was a good chance to examine some of these interesting insects up close. Since we were in the redwoods, it seemed like logical to drive out along the Avenue of the Giants, a road through some tremendously old growth groves. The floors in these vast cathedral-like spaces were dotted with redwood sorrel, douglas iris, and trilliums. We stopped midway through the auto tour at the Humboldt Redwood Visitor Center. They had interactive exhibits showing the native flora and fauna and the history of the area. One interesting chapter in that history was the saga of Charles Kellog, a man who could uncannily imitate birdsong, put out fires with his voice alone, and ... read more
How old are these pieces of wood?
3 Trees
Wooden Roses

Sunday, 20 May Not long after leaving Monterey we were surprised to find ourselves again passing through farmland. At Castroville the signs told of Artichoke festivals and Brussels sprouts. In some areas the farm fields stretched to the cliffs overlooking the ocean. The Pacific Coast Highway was again up and down, but the curves were less sharp and we made good time until we got to San Francisco. There was apparently some kind of big marathon or something going on and the traffic was horrendous. It took at least 2 light changes to drive each block. We finally got to Golden Gate Park and Ft. Point, which is underneath the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge. Parking was a little tricky, but with the help of a friendly park ranger, we managed to get both ... read more
Flowers and farmland
farmland along the coast
Rocky coastline

North America » United States » California » Crescent City October 9th 2011

California here we come! We arrived at the Crescent Beach Motel and could hardly believe what a great find it was. Our room was on the beach with nothing in between us and the water except for some rocks. We had a view window; the sky was blue and the sun shining. We had three days here and nothing planned except to enjoy the beach. The first night it was very stormy. We had rain the next day, but we filled the day with grocery shopping, catching up on emails, visiting antique stores and we also went to see Dolphin Tales which was great. We walked the beach morning and evening. We sat out on the porch just outside of our room eating smoked salmon and watching surfers and horseback riders.....oh and we played a lot ... read more

A lazy Sunday on Haight/Ashbury - our last full day in San Francisco was yesterday and we moseyed to a place that will forever live in infamy. Long known for the quintessential stop during the Summer of Love, the Haight is best known for young people sitting on the corner with flowers in their hair. My, how times have changed. The area is now a strange mix of psychedelia, head shops, folks selling pot mixed with high end boutiques, baby gap and a place to make soy candles. My mind kept jostling between hippy and yuppy, hippy and yuppy, hippy and yuppy. We visited a few Tibetan shops, a head shop or two, grabbed a quick bite at a local pub and hung out at Amoeba Music - one of the most impressive used music stores ... read more

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