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September 29th 2015
Published: September 30th 2017
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Kamie & I woke-up before 7am to foggy skies, cold weather, and a rather rocking boat. We've had beautiful weather this entire cruise and today it looks like it is going to pour rain any minute. I had just put my contacts this morning on when Kamie was out on the balcony and he yells "whale!" and I go outside and lo and behold… there is the spray again. It wasn't even 7:30am yet! What a great way to start the day. Later in the day, around 2pm, I was again on my way to the balcony and he was on the balcony and he yells “whale!” I grab the camera and we hear our neighbors get up and go look – and then we saw an entire pod – well, at least 5 of them – spraying over and over. It was cool. None of them ever jumped out of the water or anything but you could see the shadows of their bodies close to the water. My camera did not get a good picture but I was too busy watching the sprays. Coolness.

Today is a full day at sea with no stop as we cruise down toward San Francisco. We passed the line into California around noon. We have succeeded in doing very little thus far today. The whales were our excitement for the day. We both sat and watched the world float bye most of the day. The pools and hot tubs were more active than I would have thought on this boat. The hot tubs are hot -- you can see the steam rolling off the water with today's cooler weather. The main deck we like is the Lido deck which has a total of two larger pools and four small hot tubs and two large hot tubs. It smells like chlorine the minute we walk into the front Lido area, near our room. It is much quieter in the back area where we spent our time today. You would think it would be a long walk from one end of the ship to the other but it never seems like it when there is so much to see along the way.

Holland America has a “Dive In” burger joint which serves made-to-order seasoned fries and burgers from 11am to 5pm every day. Kamie wanted to try them out around 3pm today and again, the place was empty. I learned today they do not offer Dr Pepper on this ship. Only Coke products. I know some ladies that would make very unhappy. You can, however, bring all the sodas you want onboard if you don't want to pay them $2.50 per can. We brought Sprite. The lady next to us today brought her own Barq's Root Beer. Nothing wrong with being a cheapskate on this boat. As I think about it, with the bars empty and the shops empty I'm not sure where Holland America is making money unless it is on the excursions or the casinos and possibly the wine. Maybe that is why Holland America is usually so much more expensive than other lines we've sailed – they've got to get it from the passenger upfront because once onboard, I don't see their average passenger spending much. We walk past the spa several times a day and it is very busy and extremely pricey so there must be some money being made somehow.

Today has been the type of day that makes vacation… vacation. We walked, we talked, we lounged, we napped, we appreciated our beautiful ocean and our wonderful lives. It was great.

Tonight, as I am later updating this, we finally saw the packed bars on Holland America. Shortly before dinner all the bars on the 2nd and 3rd decks are packed to the hilt by well-dressed elderly folks who all smell good, too – lots of perfumes and colognes in the air. Long after dinner, all the bars on the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd decks continue to be lined with ladies drinking martinis and lots n' lots of talking and drinking. Some rather uninhibited and TMI talking was easily overheard too. Apparently, the older generation waits until dinner time to get completely snockered which comes as no surprise to us. Mr and Mrs Boring (Kamie & myself) learned this because we walked around before dinner and bought our Astoria port photo and then later we picked-up a DVD to watch in our room. There is a small booklet in your cabin with 100s of DVDs you can watch for free – you just call them and they deliver the movie about 40 minutes later. We didn't want to wait 40 minutes tonight so I walked to the front desk and picked-up the movie. Last night I watched “A River Runs Through It” and tonight Kamie wanted “The Count of Monte Christo” which he started snoring through but I got hooked and loved it!

Not much else going-on besides a lot of walking the decks, watching the ocean, and enjoying vacation.


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