Avenue of the Giants

Published: July 8th 2013
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Redwood ForestRedwood ForestRedwood Forest

Most enormous tree we have ever seen!
Around Crescent City there are 4 Redwood Parks.

Today we explored the one east of town; Jedediah State Park is home of the famous Stout Grove and Howland Hill Road.

Howland Hill Road is unpaved and offered us an intimate encounter with the towering old growth redwoods from the comfort of our car. It is a winding narrow one lane road used for 2-way traffic. The maximum speed is 25 mph, but our maximum was below 10 mph. Redwoods are the tallest trees in the world and can be more than 2,000 years old. They require a lot of moisture and get at least half from the abundant fog on the coast.

Besides driving through the park, we also walked on the Nickerson and Stout Grove Trail. These trails meandered among colossal redwoods, revealing their full stature of over 300 feet (taller than the Statue of Liberty which only stands 240 feet tall). We stopped and had a picnic under the towering canopy and took many, many pictures.

On the way back to our hotel, we stopped at the Ocean World Aquarium. We picked up star fish, poked our fingers into sea anemones mouths and tickled sharks.
Howland Hill Road Howland Hill Road Howland Hill Road

Driving down the road
Mom was a bit reluctant after one shark tried to bite her. We watched a cute little sea lion named Cora perform amazing leaps, jumps, and somersaults in mid-air. She loved our applause and her fishy treats. We, as well as she, were sad when we had to depart.

Guess what we had for dinner? You’re right…FRESH SEAFOOD AGAIN…YUM!!

Additional photos below
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Really, really, really BIG TREES!Really, really, really BIG TREES!
Really, really, really BIG TREES!

Walking down the road of giants
Sharing the Wonders of the ForestSharing the Wonders of the Forest
Sharing the Wonders of the Forest

We spent a lot of time walking and looking
Tree Huggers?Tree Huggers?
Tree Huggers?

Yes, we are tree huggers!
Pre-historic FernsPre-historic Ferns
Pre-historic Ferns

Nature at its best
Sky-high TreesSky-high Trees
Sky-high Trees

They almost touch the clouds
One-lane roadOne-lane road
One-lane road

Yes, it's a one lane road...but there is two way traffic!
Nickerson Ranch TrailNickerson Ranch Trail
Nickerson Ranch Trail

Fairy-like trail
Stout Grove TrailStout Grove Trail
Stout Grove Trail

Ancient groves
Stout Grove TrailStout Grove Trail
Stout Grove Trail

It looked the same when dinosaurs roamed the earth
Tall tree fell downTall tree fell down
Tall tree fell down

Mom said just a minute, I will clear the path
Hold up that treeHold up that tree
Hold up that tree

Mom needed a little help for this one
Phone 911Phone 911
Phone 911

Help, my head is STUCK!!
Ocean World MuseumOcean World Museum
Ocean World Museum

Tidepool at Ocean World
Ocean WorldOcean World
Ocean World

Starfish and abalone

Nancy made friends with Patrick
Cora the Sea LionCora the Sea Lion
Cora the Sea Lion

Diva of the aquarium. Great performer.
Lazy SealsLazy Seals
Lazy Seals

Who knew that slugs and seals moved at the same speed

Help! We are being eaten alive.
Hang 10Hang 10
Hang 10

Finally found a good surfing beach

8th July 2013
Seriously BIG tree stump

Amazing trees
You don't believe it until you are there.
9th July 2013

Nice photos Mary!

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