Home of the Giants

Published: June 22nd 2019
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We are now in Crescent City, California. The home of the giants, Coastal Redwood Trees. The trees here are absolutely magnificent and almost a spiritual experience for me. These trees are around 300 feet tall and over 20 ft in diameter. When you walk among these giants you feel small and very insignificant. Whispering seems to be the norm. When I walk among these giants the feeling I get is probably what a religious person feels when they entire a magnificent cathedral.

Today more exploring more of the redwoods.

Additional photos below
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22nd June 2019

We have really enjoyed your blog and all the interesting places you've visited, hiked etc. It's giving me some ideas of places for us to visit in August when we drive the California coast. I leave for Germany on Sunday and home early July 8. Continue to have a great trip, drive safe, and watch the crazies out there. Pam and Don

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