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August 5th 2014
Published: September 8th 2021
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So here we are starting the month of August and while we have been gone for 108 days we are a little sad to see this trip come to an end. We have traveled through 21 states, stayed at 26 RV parks, 2 Marathon Coach parking lots, 1 Prevost parking lot, and our friends/families houses in Texas, Arizona, Colorado, and Idaho. We even had to spend 1 night in a hotel while they were fixing our Coach at Marathon. We have been to a wedding, danced to Zydeco music in Louisiana, saw fire flies dance in the night, listened to wonderful heartfelt Gospel music, visited Billy Graham's Library, attended Sunday Church Service at an RV park in Tennessee where God is number one in everyone's lives and you really feel it when they said it, reconnected with my an old friend from elementary school, ate so much BBQ that I thought I was going to bleed BBQ sauce, saw first hand what a flash flood looked like, and caught a lot of Walleye in Wyoming. It was ironic that it took a trip across the United States to hook-up with and have a nice dinner reconnecting with my brother while we were in the Carolina's. It was also fun to get a good visit in with Wayne, Rhonda and their son Zach and his family.

It will be nice to get home and see the kids and grandkids and we hope that they missed us as much as we missed them. We are also thankful to Andy and Ross for getting the mail and the Chandlers watching the house for us. Without you guys we wouldn't be able to do this and for that we are very grateful.

As we finish this trip, it is nice to know that while we celebrated 21 years of marriage on this trip and lived in 400 sq. ft. of space for 108 days I think we proved we can go for another 50 years. It was a blast and we are already planning our next big trip for 2015. Are you ready for some Alaska pictures?


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