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March 23rd 2020
Published: March 23rd 2020
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With the "Shelter in Place" order now covering California, and many other states, what will you do with your new found leisure time? Perhaps there will be a spike in births come next December and January? If you have young children at home, I certainly sympathize with your challenge. They need to maintain their online classes, and fill a huge void created by their after school activities, like sports, arts, and social activities. Having a smart phone, internet access, social media, and You Tube will undoubtedly be a bigger part of our lives during this quarantine period. For those of you who can work form home, this will be a great opportunity. I would imagine a huge increase in productivity, without bothersome coworkers, and a long commute to and from work. Even though I am mostly retired, and over 65, I still work a little. And guess what? I work in health care, and we are exempt from shelter in place and quarantine. Certainly people depend on us to do our jobs. And even though I am just a part time, contract employee, the on going staff shortage has provided a steady stream of per diem gigs. But last week, and earlier this week, I was the only one wearing a mask. Yesterday, two more employees, both male, started wearing a mask. And now the masks are being counted, and even locked up!!! Several friends have asked if I have extra masks. The simple answer is, no, I do not. But I would just make a mask out of appropriate materials that you have at home. If you lack a surgical mask, the next best option is a vacuum cleaner bag. Though these are considered the last alternative, it is certainly better than nothing! Another simple solution would be to pull out your old Richard "Tricky Dick" Nixon Halloween mask. If you wear it, I am sure everyone will stay more than SIX FEET away!!!

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