How Can This Be, A Forest Under The Sea?

Published: October 14th 2009
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Another epic July 4 SCUBA trip to the Southern Channel Islands! This year, all of my friends were on board- much to my surprise. We saw more critters this year than any other years I've gone: Over 18 Giant Sea Bass, Tuna, Dolphins, Sharks... The diving was great, in fact this is the best SCUBA diving California has to offer. We even stopped by the little visited Santa Barbara Island! This was my fourth July 4 trip. It has never ceased to deliver incredible diving and incredible fun!

I've always wanted to take pictures underwater, but its such a hassle I dont bother. Then I broke down and bought a Sealife waterproof camera. It was a point and shoot with less than point and shoot quality. It wouldn't focus where I wanted, the flash sucked. I gave up, believing my picture taking days were over. last year a friend Jenny had a nice set-up with incredible quality: A Cannon G9 and waterproof housing. Id always wanted the G10, so i splurged and bought a G10 and housing before this trip! I took it on 3 dives. Dive #4 was where everything went wrong, when I jumped in and descended to 50 feet I saw the camera was completely flooded. So I continued my dive. I threw the ruined camera away a few weeks later after freshwater soaks and subsequent dry sessions proved futile. The $400 camera was dead, a complete waste of my money! I was laughing when I got back on the boat, for I will never take an underwater photo again!!!

·.´¯'·.´¯'·.´¯'·.¸¸.·´¯'· Steve ·.¸¸.·´¯'·.´¯'·.¸¸.·´¯'·.¸><(((º>

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14th October 2009

Never say never
Awww... Steve... Cheer up, those are some pretty neat pictures you have put up here. Love the one of the Kelp Forest. Too bad about the camera, however you did enjoy some great dives.
14th October 2009

nunca dice nunca
Amigo Hippy, Thanks for reminding me what an epic 4th of July trip we had. Giant Black Sea Bass at almost every dive site. I'll think of a way to barter you a u/w set-up. You're talent mustn't miss our world underwater.
16th October 2009

Your art rules! Stunning!
16th October 2009

love the bubbles the best. very clever

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