Fourth of July in the Southern Channel Islands, 2007

Published: August 9th 2007
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It's hard to refuse 4 days and 4 nights of SCUBA diving the warm water of California's southern Channel Islands. Being a live-aboard ship, all food and accomodations are taken care of. The only thing we had to worry about is how many dives to do per day, 2, 3 or 4? Exactly how long should I lay in the sun on the upper deck? Should I have a second serving of cake or dive with the spearfisherman? Should I do a night dive, or maybe I should wake up early and be the only one besides the captain to see the sunrise over the Pacific Ocean Wilderness.

Leaving from the Santa Barbara Harbor on the Californian Riviera, the Truth Aquatics vessel was equipped for another epic journey. This was my second year on the trip, and it proved to be just as spectacular as last year. Most of the diving was done off the shores of San Celemente, closer to San Diego than anything else. Catalina also proved to be incredible this year, always surprising to me because all the development makes it feel a tad less wild than the other Channel Islands. But dont let Avalon fool you,
The Wake of our Boat, SunriseThe Wake of our Boat, SunriseThe Wake of our Boat, Sunrise

Believe it or not: taken from the Bow of the boat going 15 knots in glassy water- the wake of the bow rippled over into the smooth water, I leaned over the boat and took about 15 shots to get this image!
Catalina is filled with Aquarium like conditions and tons of unique diving!


Additional photos below
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31st July 2007

I love your pics. I live in Santa Barbara and had no idea our water could produce pictures like this. Great stuff
31st July 2007

I've been following your blog and where you travel is a photographer's dream. You do a beautiful job of capturing your environment and it creates a desire in me to go to the places you go. I hope my pictures could come out as appealing as yours do. If you ever need a travel buddy, count me in.
31st July 2007

Your photos look unreal...I think u have a great cam! I totally love them....I wish mine were half as beautiful as I decided to watch them all...good luck with your travels and don't stop taking pics or many ppl will be sad :) Greetings from Romania, Europe
2nd August 2007

"Letters to Romania"
SOOO kind! My above water camera is good, but my underwater digital is a "Sealife Reefmaster Mini". Romania, how cool! Someday I will see the enchanting Transylvanian Alps!!! :)
2nd August 2007

Melissa Von Eyesight
Variety is the spice of life! Im glad I can inspire someone to get travelling. :)
9th August 2007

Thanks my friend!!! You're very kind. Looks like you've had a good time in this trip. Your photos are just fab :) Be sure to take many photos in Cambodia.
14th August 2007

think this might be my favourite blog of yours....i want that wake picture!!!
30th June 2010
The Wake of our Boat, Sunrise

Cool picture
That's amazing!

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