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(Excerpted from my book OUR SUMMER IN CARMEL, Although it took Spain almost three hundred years to get off their galleons and settle California, in a space of only seventy more years Spain would lose California and sovereignty would change twice over that vast rich area. During the early 1800s Spain, like much of Europe, was embroiled in the Napoleonic wars. Her increasingly scanty resources and accelerating loss of control over her vast overseas empire resulted in a weaker nation, compared to two centuries earlier. Not only were wars in Europe causing Spain much distress, but taking advantage of her weak position, rebellion in her Latin American Empire was widespread. Thus, the small outpost on Monterey in far off Alta California received little attention and even less of Spain's resources. When the French pirate Bouchard, ... read more

Point Lobos sits just South of Carmel on the coastline. Not only does it contain very cool coastline, but you can see Pebble Beach from certain points within the reserve. This day it was really windy and it was a bit interesting to see the waves pound the rocks along the coastline. There were a few Seals on hand and well, some resting on rocks, and some that seemed to be dozing in the water. Check out the 54 second video clip to see how the wind fueled waves were hammering the coastline.... read more
First peek at the South Shore area
No white sandy beach here

(Excerpted from my book Our Summer in Carmel From Carbrillo's misadventures in 1542 more than fifty yeas would pass before Spain would pay any attention to his expedition. Events on a larger scale prodded Spain into action. By the close of the 16th Century, Spain was engaged in extended trading between Mexico and its outpost in the Philippines, Manila. But their treasure laden ships were exposed to attack, particularly by the English, and the likes of Sir Francis Drake. Drake had already landed not far north of present day San Francisco, and claimed the entire Pacific coast for Queen Elizabeth. Something had to be done. Officials in Mexico decided it was time to organize an expedition for the specific purpose of surveying the California coast. The man chosen was Sebastian Vizcaino (Vis-Cane-nyo) an experienced seaman ... read more

This entry begins a new series of my travels which will get its input from my book Our Summer in Carmel ( The book describes the experiences my wife, Elysee, and I had while renting a summer home in Carmel for three plus months. What the book also does is provide an example of a lifestyle I champion and the reason behind my name no2ndhome. It is my belief that for many persons, especially retiring "Boomers", temporarily renting a second home each summer, preferably in a different place each year, is a superior financial and lifestyle strategy than buying a second home. While not for everyone, it has many advantages. I have been enchanted with the Monterey Peninsular ever since I first drove down 17 mile drive in December 1964. Returning from a tour of ... read more

My travels away from home begin in August of 1990 when I moved from Carmel Valley to Oakland, CA to go to school at Mills College.... read more

On the way out of Monterey, we took a side trip down the 17 mile drive around Pebble Beach. The views were incrediable of the ocean and of the cypress trees and the golf courses were perfect. Some lucky folks actually live along the coastline and golf course in what we have come to find out is some of the most expensive real estate in the country, not to mention golf green fees which were starting at $1200 for 18. We can see why...... read more
Pebble Beach
Pebble Beach
Pebble Beach

Thursday: So we decided to put these 2 days together because there isn't a whole lot to tell you about since San Francisco. On the drive down we stopped in Santa Cruz. we saw some surfers and we had breakfast. It looked like there were a bunch of surfing lessons going on and I think we are going to take a lesson when we get down to LA. The drive from San Fran to Monterey took about 3 hours. Our bed and Breakfast is in Carmel (by-the-sea) but we stopped in monterey before checking in. Melissa wanted to see the aquarium so we killed a couple hours in there. there wasn't a lot to see there but there were a couple of otters that melissa wanted to take home. After the Aquarium melissa and I had ... read more
Bird at the Aquarium
Happing Landing Inn
On the Golf Course

Back on the road, the visit with grandkids and the wedding behind us it’s time for the top down tour to get going again. We left San Dimas, around noon, and drove towards Big Sur. We took the I-5 to Rte. 46 to get over to Pacific Coast Highway. On I-5 with the top down and the outside temperature at 106 degrees we were cooking. By the time we got to the coast it was 59 degrees and I had the heat on. We made it to Carmel by the Sea in Monterey Peninsula Ca. The campground here was nothing to talk about, just a place to sleep. The next day August 17th, we headed toward San Francisco wanting to get to wine country. The drive was very nice, temps in the 60’s. We drove across ... read more
The Lighthouse
Susie and Mike

As usual, we start with a mammoth journey. Set off from Costa Rica at 6.00 AM, fly to Dallas/Fort Worth, which is a great airport. Then we off to Los Angeles, at LAX we catch the Flyaway Shuttle downtown to Union Station, this is where we connect with the Metro for Hollywood. On arrival we discover that the midnight Greyhound Bus doesn't stop here, it stops at North Hollywood, so we return downtown and catch the overnight bus to San Francisco. We arrived at 7.00 AM, more than 24hrs later. On our supposedly 10 minute walk along Sutter Street to the USA Hostel we stopped at a little cafe called Posh Bagels for a rest, spent over an hour relaxing as locals headed to their workplaces, many coming into the cafe for their early morning coffee ... read more
Yosemite Reflections
Carmel Beach
San Francisco Cable Car

Hello everyone...California has been so busy and crazy that my blogging time has been significantly decreased. I am sorry to keep you all waiting with our adventures. I was thinking that there would be more comments on my new investment but maybe you are all too overwhelmed with all of these adventures. The last message I put up was about Vegas and since then we have been off and running. We drove from Vegas to Escondido, CA which is just north of San Diego. We used this as our home base for three nights to make our lives easier. I have to put out there that we are fine and that the RV is safe but what a pain. We had a brake light come on as we headed into Vegas and we did the responsible ... read more
Nick's new friend.
A rare photo moment.
Dad and Devin

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