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Yes, only a few times, fortunately. The first, was of course, in my hometown of Kingsburg, twenty miles south of Fresno. Nobody in town would cut our hair, until we reached junior high. My Dad became friends with a great Slavic fellow through the Lions Club. He offered to cut my hair, my brother's, and my Dad's. There were always a few punks and bullies in junior high and high school, most of whom are now deceased, or became law enforcement officers. They used many slang terms, not just on me, but other students of color. By the time I got to UC Berkeley, I discovered an interesting social phenomenon. Each of the ethnic groups on campus "hung out" together, mostly in famous Dwinelle Plaza. It was new to me, but I quickly found a group ... read more

North America » United States » California » Buena Park July 26th 2012

It was extremely difficult to wake up this morning on time let alone an hour earlier so we could take advantage of the one magic early morning our 3 day pass allowed. So we didn’t. I was awake but just couldn’t get the kids up on time. As well as that, we got a bit side tracked with still more packing for the plane trip tonight. Even though we did as much packing as we could during the afternoon break from Disney yesterday, of course there was last minute stuff of Brendan’s that he tried to jam in at the last minute when I had already decided where everything was going. We got into a heated exchange when he was trying to jam his big boots in to the suitcase. Firstly, I kept trying to tell ... read more
Kids at Disneyland Entrance
Back for another day of thrills and spills
Family Escape from Prison in Toon Town

North America » United States » California » Buena Park July 25th 2012

I thought I was going to have a mutiny on my hands this morning. No one would get out of bed. I could hardly get out of bed after the big day yesterday. Brendan kept telling me how he was over it. I don’t need this right now. Let’s just go through the motions for the kid’s sake and get it and done with. I’m not so sure that we are supposed to be feeling like this at the happiest place on earth, but we are. Our despair brought on by excessive tiredness was instantly forgotten when after we entered the gates our early bird status paid off when we saw Mickey Mouse come out of nowhere with absolutely no one mobbing him for pictures! This was our big chance to be photographed with the legend ... read more
Fireworks over Sleeping Beauty's Castle
Fireworks over Sleeping Beauty's Castle
ids at Disneyland Entrance

North America » United States » California » Buena Park July 24th 2012

Nothing could contain my excitement for the 5.30 wake up for our big day at DCA. First thing on the schedule was California Screamin’ which we went on twice without waiting. Next it was Mickey's Gondola which I still managed to scream on. California Soarin’ has to be my complete favourite of all time. It really really made you think you were astral travelling over everything, the ocean, the hills etc. I’d say feel like in a helicopter also but a helicopter is noisy and this wasn’t. Even soarin’ over the orange orchards they pump an orange scent into the room. Then when you are over people skiing in the Sierra Nevada you can smell pine trees. You really think you are there including when you look down. We got advice on the best seats and ... read more
Kids on California Sceamin'
Me & Dog from "Up"

North America » United States » California » Buena Park July 23rd 2012

There was a 12 O’clock check out so we decided to go to the Super Market across the road to get supplies for the long transit in China. Easier said than done. Once again it was a few hours before we managed to extricate ourselves from this little Mexican beauty. We felt like we had been on holiday to Mexico after leaving. Mexican music was pumping out o the PA. There were rows and rows of different types of tortillas, tacos, etc. The where tonnes and tonnes of differnts types of meat in the deli dept. All the veges and fruit were beautifully stacked. If only I had my camera with me! And of course after going through the check out, the girl always askes if we found every OK and is exceptially cheery. I was ... read more
There is No Highland and How to Get Through the Traffic
Kids at the Pacific Ocean
Lunch With the Homeless People

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