June 26 - We're outta' here!

Published: June 26th 2007
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The weather goes like this:The weather goes like this:The weather goes like this:

Gale warnings are gone. Gentler winds beckon.
So we didn’t take off today. We’ve popped into the Sandpiper Restaurant for lunch and I just powered up the computer to write this entry; our plan was to continue walking to the Tides after lunch, another half-hour or so from here, to get online. And holy cow! There’s free wi-fi RIGHT HERE!

We’re crapping our pants over this because we could have been using it all this time to check the weather, and it’s so much closer to the marina than the Tides.

This morning we listened carefully to the weather reports (while I creaked away on the stair stepper) and decided that while the conditions aren’t ideal, we don’t gain anything by waiting another day or two. Winds are predicted to be in the 15-25-knot range at the high point (late afternoon), and less on either side of that time frame. We could wait until this weekend to leave under very calm weather, but we just don’t want to wait!

So our plan is to head out in the morning, very early. We’ll get the advantage of the morning calm and hopefully make it past Point Arena, which is when conditions lighten, by 1pm or
Harry gives our girl the once-over:Harry gives our girl the once-over:Harry gives our girl the once-over:

You come here often, baby?
so. We’ll pull into Fort Bragg for the night, or continue on if we feel the night conditions are good.

Yesterday, Harry spent some time working on the head, which I broke again. We also got some great fresh crab right here at the marina, and had super crab salads for dinner. Another high point: we rented a movie and watched it on board! Naturally, having a tv on the boat is a new thing for us, and we’d wrapped it up and stowed it in the closet as soon as we got on board in LA. But gee whiz. A little diversion is necessary! We also bought two decks of cards yesterday, after first tearing apart the entire boat, driven by the conviction that John and Pat would SURELY have left playing cards on the boat. Since they left books, grapefruit juice and teriyaki sauce, after all. I haven’t won at solitaire yet and it’s driving me to obsession over the game.

We’re both feeling good about leaving the marina tomorrow, prepared for it to be a little rough but manageable. We’ll take care of preparations this afternoon and turn in early.

Thank you to everyone
Harry cracks the crab.Harry cracks the crab.Harry cracks the crab.

This one came off the boat on the same day we ate it. Sweet!
who is leaving us comments on the blog; it’s so fun to see this be an interactive thing. It’s also super to hear from people.


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Harry works on the head.Harry works on the head.
Harry works on the head.

We're trying to avoid getting out the bucket again.

29th June 2007

hey, this is new! Am I a blogger?
We are enjoying your trip so much! It's like our very own Kon-Tiki show! Of course, we're glad the scary parts have happy endings. Take Care! (I'm pretty sure I didn't need to say that. Are your bruises from "the Night" gone yet?) Tricia Tell Shayla I said hello when you finally get to see her!
29th June 2007

Oh Man!
I wish I could be there! It sounds like a great time! Better than working my job anyways. Be safe guys! And take your brother with you next time! It's almost killing him not being able to be with you. ;)

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