June 25-The winds have quieted.

Published: June 25th 2007
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Just so thereJust so thereJust so there

I'm just not sure I understand the WA license plate.
Today the wind gauge reads a big fat 0.0. We couldn't believe it when we woke up and we could hear the buoy out in the harbor, for the first time. Up until now, the roar of the wind has drowned out its honk.

The fishermen here at the dock are nonchalant about the calm winds, even as Harry and I start running through our minds all the things we need to do before we throw off the lines. "Oh, it'll kick back up this afternoon," they say. The forecast isn't looking good, either, with this gale expected for a few more days.

Here's the bitter end: just beyond Bodega Bay, a short days' sail north, the winds are and have been utterly calm. 5-10 knots have been predicted along the Oregon coast for days. If we can just get out of Bodega (some, apparently, call it "Blowdega"), we could be making some real progress.

I talked with Shayla on the phone today and we were sad together for a minute, missing each other. Then we perked up and talked silly about her cousins, swimming at her uncle's pool in San Francisco, and how bored Papa is
I love my galley!I love my galley!I love my galley!

Last night I made hoisin chicken, asian slaw and brown rice. Yum.

We'll do our best to sit tight, but it's getting harder, especially while we sit here in the calm.

We're still hoping to leave tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. But who knows.


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