June 23-Bodega Bay

Published: June 23rd 2007
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This is where we are.This is where we are.This is where we are.

It's Spud Point Marina. Can you see us?
Last night the winds howled through the marina and this morning the report on the marina office called for "Gail" winds today. So we're still here. We hiked around the bay from the marina into what might be town. A few shops here and there, mostly catering to divers and people who like salt water taffy (what is it with salt water taffy and beachside dives?). According to a nice guy walking his dog, this is where the movie "The Birds", an Alfred Hitchcock flick, was filmed about 50 years ago. It's the first thing he told us. We were standing on the hill that the star runs down with the birds chasing her. THEN, we saw that the star of that movie, Tippi Hedren, is actually coming here to visit, and it's a really big deal to these people. Fascinating!

We slept almost 12 hours last night, so are rested and feeling good. We're not going anywhere while the winds howl at 28 knots IN THE MARINA, where it's protected. Folks in these parts are saying we'll be here for a few days. I'm inclined to agree. Harry checked the weather reports and buoys this moring and gale
Diving boyDiving boyDiving boy

He and his girlfriend offered to let us keep the evidence of our tragedy. We declined.
force winds are predicted through Monday. We'll be hunkering down and hiking around here, reading, writing and trying to forget about the "schedule."

I hope you're all well - we've opened an email account at yahoo so we can SEND mail to those of you writing us. It's joyandharry@yahoo.com. You can still send to our regular addresses, but you'll get our response from the yahoo address.

J and H

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She lives!She lives!
She lives!

She must be, like, 80.

24th June 2007

stuff to do
hey guys, im laughing right now cuz i was cruising the new journal section of this website looking for interesting and exotic blogs to read and then i see yours from bodega bay. I live in a town called occidental thats about 10 minutes away from the bay. And if you're stuck in bodega and you have the means, u might want to check out occidental, its a small, quaint touristy little town in the redwoods but its always lively on the weekends, lots of interesting shops to browze, and multiple restaurants. Anyway, just thought i'd offer a little suggestion. have fun!

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