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April 3rd 2011
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It was easy to leave Vegas. Don't get me wrong, we enjoyed it. But we also breathed a sigh of relief when we left the blinking lights, loud dinging sounds, music, and loud people.... Anybody with epilepsy would be advised NOT to go.

We left heading north of 95. On our way out of town we passed the Moape River Indian Reservation--a band of the Paiute Indians. It was flat and barren looking--as in keeping with what past American Presidents 'gave' Native Americans.

Next we passed a huge Federal Prison--it is high and medium security. A sign on the road instucts drivers 'not to pick up hitch-hikers.' Who does that any more anyway? O. J. Simpson was a short-term guest of the Feds there in 2008.

Then we stumbled upon the Nellis Air Force Base--or as it is Tim, who'd been in the Air Force had never heard of it.

We did finally figure out where all the missing dirt in the Grand Canyon went; it was deposited here--there are mounds of dirt and rock, some covered by cacti...

All of a sudden Homer Simpson started yelling at us to made a sharp left. We'd planned on taking 95 N to Highway 6 West, but no, here's Homer telling us to TurnTurnTurn. We turned onto route 266 toward Lida. We may have seen 6 cars total on that road. As the turraine turned from tumble weed to Joshua Cedar, our ears started poping. We were warned by signs along the highway to watch out for deer and cattle. Evidenly it is where the deer and the cows play. Our next turn was onto Road 168--which started going UP immediately. Up up and up.... The rocks got bigger and at one point we saw what looked like a river of black rocks. We stopped and picked up a couple. In fact, we borrowed them from the mountain--and they are now riding in our car. We believe they are 'slate.' At first we thought Lava, but they are not at all poras, nor are they lite.

The entire area looks like what used to be a 'super volcano.' The mountains form a huge bowl around the still elevated bowl in the middle. Far in the distance we could see HUGE, snow-capped mountains...very reminiscent of the German Alps. Beautifical.

At one point, for only a short distance,
Leaving Las Vegas...Leaving Las Vegas...Leaving Las Vegas...

Are those mountains over there?
the road became a SINGLE lane....then we turned into a view of the snow capped mountains--just over the horizon.

Our last turn was North on 395 and within minutes we were in Bishop, California. It used to be called Bishop Creek, after the creek on the east side of the town, but I guess Bishop fit better on stationary. The town literally sits at the base of the White Mountains to the east, and the Sierra's to the west in the Owens Valley. It is at the 4000 elevation and has a small population of 3, 575 . It is the 'Mule Capital' of the world--and hosts the 'Bishop Mule Days' festival every year. The town averages only 5.2 inches of rain a year. But it enjoys many streams from the mountains and of course Bishop Creek.

We went to eat at a small place called Jack's Bakkery and Restaurant. Ummmmy, ummmmy good. Home made everything. It was so good we're going back for breaky.

Tomorrow to Kerry's and my book club meeting. Yah! I love California! Yah!!!!

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Bishop, CaliforniaBishop, California
Bishop, California

Outside the hotel in Bishop where we stayed--amazing mountain view
Driving Away from BishopDriving Away from Bishop
Driving Away from Bishop

A stream that runs along side the road by the Sierra Nevada mountains
Driving Away from BishopDriving Away from Bishop
Driving Away from Bishop

Tim hunts a rock in the stream
Outside BishopOutside Bishop
Outside Bishop

Tim took a trip outside Bishop while I shopped

5th April 2011

California bound...
Loved your blog. I could picture it all. I have not been that way since I was 13 years old. I loved California too. I am soooo sure it has changed a lot. Have a wonderful time and love looking through your eyes. joie

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