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Published: May 20th 2008
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Waking up as the sun rises, climbing out of our sleeping bags to start the new day. An energy bar for breakfast, packing up my gear for another full day of hiking- 20 miles is the usual goal, although the last leg we've been pushing ourselves, even got a 30 mile day in- which was more that my body was ready for really. Hitting the trail early in the AM most mornings-one foot in front of the other, moving north towards Canada. The simple, rythmic motion of hiking, poles in hands and pack strapped on our backs- an already reasuring feeling- being out on the trail. The meditative motion of hiking, of observing and being in nature- a calming, centered disposition prevails.

Starting in Campo, right at the border of Mexico, Britt and I hiked into Lake Morena where there was the PCT kick off- about 500 hikers and outdoor lovers there. A beautiful girl, Wildflower, sat with britt and I for a whole day going through our packs- between the two of us, Britt and I were able to send about 40 extra pounds home or up the trail- making our loads WAY lighter, and the mission possible. Coming
Wildflower, Britt and IWildflower, Britt and IWildflower, Britt and I

our savior- couldnt have made it this far without her help....we love you wildflower!
into towns about once a week to resupply- its been awesome to check out these little mountain towns- a glimpse into a different way of life and different reality as we get to know the locals of each town. Yesterday I got in on a baseball/ homerun durby kind of game- perfect! Right now we're in Wrightwood, 365 miles under my feet so far- and feeling good- with aches and pains of course- but nothing too stifling.

On the trail....im at a loss for words almost, in the sense that i cant fully articulate what ive been doing or experiencing, beacause im still digesting it myself...hiking all day, around some fun, down to earth people, seeing some amazing views, we hiked through snow the other day up at 9,000 ft, then came down the hill a few hours later and found ourselved in a flintsone kind of place, red dirt and huge boulders, desert, catci - just completely different scenery....saw a rattle snake and 7 mexicans coming through the border- the two 'must see's' of southern california- check- ha....so yeah, feeling good, enjoying the moment and fresh air, and the simplicity out on the trail. The simple walking, and working with your body- drinking out of the sources, sleeping under the stars, laughing with friends, being the most dirty I've been in my life....almost 3 weeks in and i feel the trail in my blood...

The last few nights we've been night hiking- to avoid the stifling heat during the day, and taking advantage of the glow of the full moon at night- LOVE night hiking, a whole different kind of energy and experience.

The scenery down here in southern california is beautiful, the mountians and it all...breathtaking. Basically we hike up a mountain to a forested area, and then down into the valley for a desert stretch. Going into towns every few days, cool little towns, a good community PCT group traveling north together, already feel like brothers and sisters. Just like traveling, out on the trail you cant help but to meet people- britt and i have hiked with a few different people- learning a lot about through hiking. And the trail angels and the people in the towns have shown nothing but an unbelievable amount of generosity and support. Such a reassuring feeling- when you recieve so much kindness from strangers....

so many stories from the trail so far- but im not really in a story telling kind of mood right now- sorry....but thought id write a little something and show you guys some pics so far. Ill probably be able to do a blog about once a month- computer access isnt so convenient out on the trail...

As the summer comes around the corner i hope you all get a chance to get out in the mountains, or desert, or countryside- or somewhere where its quiet and you can stretch your legs. Much love to you all, and ill be writing soon!

trekking along...

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rest time in the shaderest time in the shade
rest time in the shade

some of ournew buds, chris, squarl and bear

guitar on the trail...doesnt get much better
britt and yukonbritt and yukon
britt and yukon

mike, a trail angel that lives basically out in the middle of nowhere, had a big bbq and refreshments for us
britt and i at the hot springsbritt and i at the hot springs
britt and i at the hot springs

a nice treat to come across some natural hot springs to soak our tired bodies

20th May 2008

So cool... it's amazing how far you've already hiked!! So impressive that you aren't complaining too much about the aches and pains, you're tough! Can't wait to hear more from the trail! Love, Stef
20th May 2008

Hello Kee, It is nice to see that you have a lot of fun. Enjoy your visit. Very nice pictures! Big kiss, Said
21st May 2008

Hey kee and Britt, i'm glad you having a great hiking time!!! Just keep on going and enjoy every new experience. Hopefully we can see you in summer . Big hug and kisses Egon and BrittXXX
26th June 2008

ive been waiting
I have been waiting to find out where you are! Everything looks so amazing, Keep it rolling....and post more awesome pics even if you cant write that much! one love krc

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