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December 26th 2009
Published: December 26th 2009
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I hope you can see all the windmills here, and it's still just a small portion of them!
Merry Christmas Everyone!
I hope you all have enjoyed your Christmas. We left hell, uh, I mean Vallejo, on Thursday morning. Did a little more driving that we had wanted, but made it here before dark. We took highway 12 down from Fairfield. It was a beautiful drive but a bit bumpy, and there were a couple of bridges that made me feel a little more than uneasy until we got past them. They looked WAY too low. We drove past an arae of hundreds of windmills that were truly gi-hugic! It was quite a sight. We have had a quiet day here in Bakersfield at Orange Grove RV park. We didn't give each other any gifts, well at least not today. We figure we have given each other enough at this point: 5th wheel; garmin; barbeque; rugs; memoryfoam mattress; computer; not to mention all the other goodies. We've spent enough, really. Anyway, this really is an orange grove - and the oranges are wonderful! We're going to load up before we head out. We will probably stay here a week so that we can get some things taken care of that really need to be done. Like getting our mail
Windmills through the treesWindmills through the treesWindmills through the trees

This gives you an idea of just how big these babies were. Don Quixote would be devistated!
for one. We're trying to get Lucy (the cat) used to going outside for a while during the day. Just a little at a time - and this orange grove would be just about perfect for that. (of course I don't need to mention that there is sand almost everywhere... the perfect "box"!) She got the thrill of her life this morning when a bird tried to catch a fly that was inside the back window. It was sitting on our back ladder about 10 inches from her nose. Our little hunter was more than a little frustrated, but she got over it quick. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before she's back killing anything that moves. I have to say though, that the squirrels in the Roseburg park were huge and probably would have made mincemeat out of our little girl. Their heads were every bit as big as hers and there were lots of them! We still haven't found that illusive warm weather that everyone has been telling us about. We feel like we have finally out run the rain, but are now in search of something a little more like 70 degrees instead of 50.
Orange grove 1Orange grove 1Orange grove 1

Here's the set up at the orange grove. Right behind us are two long rows of more trees that boarder the park all the way around.
We're heading to Palm springs next for a week or so and then on to Arizona. There is an RV show in Quartzsite that we hear is the be all end all of RV shows. We can't wait to hear about the latest in gadgets, parks and amenities! Are we boring or what?!

Additional photos below
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Al on her new cotAl on her new cot
Al on her new cot

When we got this we weren't sure whether she'd like it or not. She had no problems getting into this! She loves it!

26th December 2009

Happy Christmas!
Finally had a chance to catch up on all your travel entries! Sounds great! I can only echo Chris's sentiments when he said "you're in Vallejo?" Even when we left California (not too far from Vallejo) in 2002, Vallejo was NOT the best place to I only can imagine how it has changed in the last 7+ years! Glad you made it out ALIVE! Hope your stay in Bakersfield is warmer and more enjoyable. One week of my vacation already is gone...yikes! Hopefully this next week will move just a bit slower?! Take care and thanks for keeping us updated!! Pam
27th December 2009

i like that you are posting pictures.

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