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August 4th 2010
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Well hello again travelblog. I've been on the road again for over 2 months now without actually writing anything in a journal, diary, paper, or online, and it is a little strange considering how nice it was to have this blog record some of my previous journeys. Looking back on those times from my current perspective is really amazing..

So...at the moment I am here in Northern California. I graduated from UNR in the middle of May, shortly after which I took off and headed south to Irvine (LA area) where I stayed for about a week volunteering at a musical festival event. The next weeks after that I spent in Santa Cruz with a friend named Nathan, in San Francisco with my beautiful sister Irena, in Beldentown, Arcata, and Eugene, OR, with other new and old friends. At the moment I write from Arcata, a small town in northern California which appears to be in perpetual gloom, covered over with a consistent layer of gray wispy clouds and fog that really seem to press things down, close them in. The people here are all really nice though, and the shops are very inviting. It's a colorful place and a very conscious community of people who seem to dress well, eat well, live well. I've been here for about a week now staying with a girl-friend named Stephanie, and her boyfriend Michael and his two children Maya and Noah. They have extremely graciously been allowing me to stay with them and camp out in their yard, and we have been making delicious raw foods, riding bikes, going on camping trips, and more.

The events of my summer have been fairly calm and regular, I would say. I'm still in the country so not in any immense cultural shocks, but there are still a lot of transformations taking place underneath. This summer has been, for me, all about really letting go of any past habits, mentalities, and structures that I may have been holding on to from living in a life of patterns of school and work. At this time I am trying to be most open to seeing places, people, and things that are in new areas and environments I haven't been in before. I want to be sensually stimulated in every way...with new smells, new sounds, new sights, new everything... I want to be completely thrown out of my comfort space..

And at the same time I feel that I am being more careful and more particular than ever before. I try to be as attentive as possible to my surroundings and to the way I feel around certain people or in specific environments. I feel that I am becoming better able to handle myself when approached by unfamiliar situations, which is an interesting change, and one that I'm very much excited for. It's strange throwing yourself intentionally into such a flow, but I feel like the initial shock has certainly passed and now I really am just in A flow, you know? I'm feeling free, really more free than ever. It's as if I've needed to learn all over again that life actually is not actually a structured and predictable progression, but that every moment can be a new and exciting one if you make it so. It certainly may not be the easiest thing, but abandoning structure and consistency for whatever-comes-next has been amazing so far.

I hope to be writing more and more often in this blog as the weeks progress. For the next time I'll be continuing to travel around the west coast, USA, before hopefully heading abroad in January/February.....but all will be worked out as time keeps flowing. I hope everyone else out there is hanging in, wherever your life situations are leading you, and I welcome you all back and thank you for tuning in. =)

Much love,


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