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June 3rd 2018
Published: July 22nd 2018
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4 Nights, That Means I Need...4 Nights, That Means I Need...4 Nights, That Means I Need...

No, I didn't really take all this stuff. I took this picture as a joke for my brother who was saying we might have to rent an extra canoe just to carry the equipment, hence the title Buffalo River Cruise.
Original plans were to float from Ponca, AR to Kyles Landing, putting in on Monday morning and getting out noonish on Thursday. Yeah, I realize that four days and three nights on the river to only go 10.6 miles puts the "L" in leisurely pace, but we wanted plenty of time to float, swim, fish and definitely HIKE. Unfortunately the water level was too low to put in at Ponca or even Steel Creek (where we were camping on Sunday night in order to get an early start Monday morning). Worse, where we had to put in (23.8 miles downstream) was far below the most scenic AND hikable stretch of the river. So we made a quick change in our plans in order to salvage some hiking - we'd spend an extra night at Steel Creek and hike what we could reach from there, and then paddle three days and two nights on the river from Pruitt Landing to Carver.
All in all, the trip turned out great. I didn't get many photos, but the few I did take capture most of the trip.


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