Final Haiti Thoughts

Published: July 9th 2011
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I have had a week now to reflect on what I feel was the trip of a lifetime.
It was a hard decision for me to decide to do this trip. It was a sacrifice of money, time away from family and pets, and a lot of vacation hours.
In the end, I feel this is on the top 5 list of things that I have done.

I discovered a great group of 10 friends. I hope that we stay in touch. Each brought something unique to the table.

I learned how to converse with other people despite language barriers. I met 2 Haitians I feel I will always be linked to. I found out that they are not too unlike me.

I learned that you do not need material wealth or objects. You need friends, family, health, food, water, and God.
We made a small dent in the physical framework of Haiti. It is going to take high numbers of missions over time. The Government structure is not there. The goal of UMCOR is to rebuild the church infrastructure. Churches also contain schools and health facilities.

The trip humbled me. I feel I appreciate things way
The Crew on the last Day PetionvilleThe Crew on the last Day PetionvilleThe Crew on the last Day Petionville

The Crew on the last Day in Petionville
more then before. I hope this is not a temporary feeling.
I felt I was called by God for the first time in my life.
My only hope is that we inspired the people of Haiti. I hope we inspired people in the US as well.
I believe everyone should go on one mission trip in their lives. It will truly change you.

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Kissmer and IKissmer and I
Kissmer and I

Kissmer and I

14th June 2013
The Crew on the last Day Petionville

miss you

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