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This is what cherries were meant to provide
'Tis a great land in which we live, is it not? What better way to celebrate the Nation's birth by venturing to its heartland; the fascinating state of Arkansas. Land of mosquitoes, rice fields, paper mills, a president, Wal-Mart and many, many, many Sonic Drive-Thru, Arkansas is a state that I only ever visit while venturing to the other side of the Mississippi River to shop at the West Memphis Wal-Mart

Lee, a good friend from work, who was born and bred in the town of Pine Bluff, suggested the Tour D'Arkansas last weekend and lacking any other plans for the 4th our adventure was born. Also in on the trip was more of the work crew, Peter and Mac, and the force of nature known as Miss Mary Frances, the Cavalier King Charles spaniel who OWNS Lee.

Arkansas is home to a huge diversity of geography, people and climates. The southern spread of the state is much like Mississippi; home to huge farms (growing mostly rice), decaying towns, paper mills and Sonic Drive-Thrus. As you move northward through Little Rock the landscape is dotted with hills, scattered with rivers, served by the legacy of the Clintons in the
The LadyThe LadyThe Lady

Miss Mary Frances herself
form of the Clinton Presidential Library and filled with Sonic Drive-Thrus and as Lee said "the population shifts from Black to Red", as in the color of one's neck.

Arriving in Pine Bluff we finally met Madam June West Lambi, Lee's mother and lifelong Pine Bluff resident who spent most of her life living on land belonging to the once sprawling West family farm (which was broken up about 15 years ago as a highway came to town linking Pine Bluff to Little Rock and cut right through the farm). Following a tour of Pine Bluff and the sites of Lee's childhood, June and her husband John entertained us in their home and at the pool between her home and her childhood home just on the other side of the backyard making sure that cups were always filled with beverage and warning us not to walk barefoot on the grass lest we get chiggers...a warning we did not heed, as a result my feet are now host to about 100 of the tiny grass mites. The evening might could also have included some off-road golf carting and a case of beer....in true Pine Bluff fashion.

The next morning,
Cherry Limades Anyone?Cherry Limades Anyone?Cherry Limades Anyone?

Our first of several stops at Sonic Drive-Thru
following an abbreviated photo shoot in June's childhood home, we set off for the north...stopping for one of the many snacks and Cherry Limeades at Sonic Drive-Thru. Lee's dad, "Daddy Don", who resides in Little Rock has a weekend riverside fishing cabin in Heber Springs. We were much more subdued thanks to the previous evening's festivities but Daddy Don made some excellent steaks as his dogs Handsome and Gage along with Miss Mary Frances paced the kitchen for scraps as we watched fireworks on TV (it's much more comfortable, you have a better view and there is no traffic)

Back safe and sound in Memphis, and thinking that there should probably be some sort of passport control before crossing back into Tennessee, I give the weekend a thumbs up as I sip on a Sonic Drive-Thru Cherry Limeade.

Additional photos below
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Kids' Meal SurpriseKids' Meal Surprise
Kids' Meal Surprise

Lee got a fun straw with her kids' meal.
Dustin' CropsDustin' Crops
Dustin' Crops

Gotta get them bo' weevils.

I probably could have driven under this in the Volvo...Peter's car has less clearance.
The FarmThe Farm
The Farm

Lee and Peter survey what once used to be the West Farm
Just Keep MovingJust Keep Moving
Just Keep Moving

One of Lee's childhood abodes...now abandoned...and on a street in which we kept the windows up and the car in motion.
Alma MaterAlma Mater
Alma Mater

Educating the West family for generations

Just like the fashions inside? One of the only surviving stores in once thriving 'downtown' Pine Bluff
Airplane MuralsAirplane Murals
Airplane Murals

Again...windows up...keep moving...but still cool.
Could I?Could I?
Could I?

One of the many very helpful public service billboards in Pine Bluff. I also saw one informing people not to shake their babies...apparently that's not for good for them.
Resting PlaceResting Place
Resting Place

Lee wants to be buried here with her 4 spinster aunts.
Creepy Doll 1 of 3Creepy Doll 1 of 3
Creepy Doll 1 of 3

Watch out MAC!
Creepy Doll 2 of 3Creepy Doll 2 of 3
Creepy Doll 2 of 3

I always feel like somebody's watching me.
Summer FunSummer Fun
Summer Fun

1976 style....most excellent and refreshing
Let Me Spin You A YarnLet Me Spin You A Yarn
Let Me Spin You A Yarn

I'll just be over here on my wheel. Just FYI I was alone in the house at the time, the thought of this subject had me laughing so hard I set up the auto timer

This statue used to terrify Lee when she was a girl...she'd wait for her grandmother to wake her up so she'd not have to pass by it alone in the hall. Thus it has a place of honor on my blog.
For Your ProtectionFor Your Protection
For Your Protection

The town of Heber is set up with this man guarding the streets. Look closer and you'll notice that the windshield is actually a plastic tarp nailed to the car frame and the officer is a mannequin.

This is Handsome...he is...ummm...not so much.
Clinton LibraryClinton Library
Clinton Library

The top floor of the library is Bill Clinton's private apartment for entertaining of his personal guest...not kidding. The building is nicknamed the double wide, you can't see it well from this picture but the left side hangs out over a hillside and it really does look like one.

Gage watches the river from the backyard of Daddy Don's house. The water coming out of the lake above is so cold that the contrasting temperature creates mist...very cool.
Canada GeeseCanada Geese
Canada Geese

Misty morning river.

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6th July 2009

Great blog
Loved the "yarn spinner"...LOL and also the cop car! Too funny. Looking forward to meeting Miss Mary Frances this weekend while in the great city of Memphis! Order some cooler weather for Dad and me. Love, Momma
9th July 2009

Oh Kevvy
Oh Kevvy, I love your sense of humor and your your observations of life and people living it. Great pics!

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