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North America » United States » Arkansas » Hot Springs August 25th 2014

I DID NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS WITH THAT WOMAN! This morning we spent an hour or so just walking the streets near our B&B so Helli could take some pictures of the historic buildings. It is easy to get caught up in the stories that Vicksburg has to tell, from the paddle steamers to the wrought iron balconies on the old hotel and the canons that are on display still guarding the Mississippi river. The concrete levee has painted marks telling the flood water levels over the past hundred years, with simply overwhelming heights. Vicksburg is a town with such a rich and storied past and yet a very fragile future. Many of the neighborhoods are in disrepair and there isn’t a great deal of employment possibilities. The historic area of town is very quaint and ... read more
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Vicksburg, Mississippi
Vicksburg, Mississippi

North America » United States » Arkansas » Hot Springs April 20th 2014

Time to head home, but not before stopping by Hot Springs National Park to check it out. We stopped by the visitors center to check it out and to possibly get a state map, which we did get. We also got a taste of the spring water for the road. We took the road up to the observation tower but did not pay to go up it. We did take some cool pictures from the base of the tower overlooking the city. From there we drove through the city to the other side and took the road up there to another lookout point. We stopped at the first one, took pictures, then drove up some more and took some more pictures. We also saw a beautiful outcrop at the top of the hill. After we were ... read more
Downtown Hot Springs
Downtown Hot Springs
Downtown Hot Springs

North America » United States » Arkansas » Hot Springs April 19th 2014

Today was the day, we headed to Crater of Diamond Mines State Park in Murfreesboro, AR about an hour southwest of Hot Springs, to go diamond hunting. We were so excited! We brought our tools from home and paid the $8 entry fee per person to get in. After we got in, we ate some hot dogs, nachos, and chili Frito pie from the Kimberlite Cafe and then commenced to diamond hunting. Although we did not find once, we found some jasper. We left shortly before 5:00pm and stopped at another geologic roadcut and then in Murfreesboro at a store to make a few purchases. We got back into Hot Springs and stopped at Chic-fil-A and then Dolce Gelato for some dessert. We were ready for bed after all this.... read more
Diamond Hunting
Diamond Hunting
Diamond Hunting

North America » United States » Arkansas » Hot Springs April 18th 2014

We woke up and went downstairs for breakfast. We had eggs, sausage, waffles, biscuits, coffee, and oj. With our fuel for the day, we were ready to head to Garvan Woodland Gardens, a beautiful botanical garden that was full in bloom for spring. There were many types of gorgeous flowers, such as tulips and roses. But the main attraction was a showy peacock who strutted his way across the grounds. He was waiting for anyone to feed him and he kept wandering until he found his next meal. He came around us while we were eating lunch at the Chipmunk Cafe, and it was a great photo op. We got our pics and ate our wonderful lunch. After that we went back to the hotel for a quick swim in the heated pool. After the swim, ... read more
Front of Baymont Hotel
Back of Baymont Hotel overlooking Lake Hamilton
Back of Baymont Hotel overlooking Lake Hamilton

North America » United States » Arkansas » Hot Springs April 17th 2014

We arrived late at night to the beautiful Baymont Inn which sits up on a hill overlooking Lake Hamilton. Check in was a breeze and we made our way to our room to some shut-eye for the next day's adventures.... read more

North America » United States » Arkansas » Hot Springs March 28th 2014

Well, if today wasn’t wild, slap me on the ass and call me a donkey! Let’s start with the morning, which was waking up in the hotel room. Releasing emotions, I bawled like a baby. I can’t remember the reason why. It must be because of what happened in the afternoon where I changed my life forever. Where I entered into the third dimension. Where I cleansed my brain and heart and kundalini. Time, time, time. It feels there is not enough time even though the amount is perfect. So I went back to Larry’s place. I liked when I arrived because he stood outside on his doorstep only exposing his left half. He looked completely different. Part of me couldn’t even tell, “are you the same person as yesterday or a friend of Larry’s or ... read more

North America » United States » Arkansas » Hot Springs March 24th 2014

Oh, what amazing adventure it was to wander the beautiful forest of the Ouachita National Park. Upon reflection, I can feel the agony I held inside as I entered, compared to the freedom I feel as I write this. In Memphis, I had packed a "survival" dish of rice and turnip greens that would keep me alive at least for a few days. Plus, there was the bag of Bagel Chips if all else failed. On Friday, the 21st, I got to the east side of the park and drove up this dirt road with my little car and parked it next to a picnic table. Being up there, looking out at the lake, hearing only the leaves and birds, my feelings were overwhelming of how the city had taken a toll on me. My heart ... read more

North America » United States » Arkansas » Hot Springs August 16th 2013

Wayne had the FULL bath/massage experience at the Buckstaff Bathhouse this morning. He loved it!! I shopped around downtown while he was there. The nicest shop I found is called Girlie Girls. They design their own jewelry and it is beautiful. If you are the kind of person who wants a one of a kind piece you will love this store. I also popped into the Ohio Club. It's like stepping back in time, esp. after going through the Gangster Museum. The bar is gorgeous with incredible carved columns surrounding it. Looks just like it did in the 20s! Just relaxed the rest of the day. Left on Saturday and went home via Hwy 65. Since we were driving by anyway I wanted to stop in Botkinburg at the Antiques Warehouse. This is an incredible place. ... read more

North America » United States » Arkansas » Hot Springs August 14th 2013

We played a lot of cards today and just lazed around. We went out to eat lunch at Colton's Steakhouse as there was a coupon in the paper for 2 lunch entrees for $12.99. It was a great deal as most of our entrees were over $9 originally. I made a Mock Lasagna Casserole for supper and we played more cards! :) Ken and Georganne had to leave for home today. Wayne and I went to a presentation of the properties here. We got $50 for visiting with James for '90-minutes'. Fairly painless. We are old pros. It was a beautiful day. Perfect for a game of golf. Ken and I had brought our clubs but were unable to go because of the rain. I found a 9 hole course called Lakeside Golf club. When we ... read more

North America » United States » Arkansas » Hot Springs August 13th 2013

Today was our 36th anniversary and it was a day to remember. Wayne surprised me with a card and a dozen red roses. It began to rain last night and continued to rain all day. We had our devotion together then Georganne and I had quite the experience! We had an 'old time' bath/massage experience like they had a hundred years ago! The only place you can get this experience is at the Buckstaff Bathhouse. They patterned their experience after European bathhouses in the early 1900s. (I have had bath/massage experiences in Japan, Thailand and Turkey so was eager to have this 1900s experience to compare to the others.) They don't take reservations, you just walk in. We arrived at 9:30 but were the first customers because of the rain even though they open at 8:00. ... read more

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