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North America » United States » Arizona » Supai February 1st 1999

In February of 1999, I took my Ford Econline E150 across the United States on my way to Santa Cruz, CA. The trip was filled with misadventures and mishaps, but the one destination that was far worth my while was my trip to the Supai Indian Reservation. An old college bud had spoken highly of his acid laced experiences in the area, and I had always taken interest in his exaggerations. No road leads directly to Supai, so the only way to access the canyon town is by helicopter or by trail on foot or horseback. Because of it's remote location, I was under the impression that Supai would be far removed from American Culture and I could get a better perspective of the lifestyles of Native Americans, but it happens that outside influence is more ... read more
The General Store in Supai
Town of Supai
The Supai Falls

North America » United States » Arizona November 29th 1996

On the trip across America I convinced Al to stop at the Meteor crater in Arizona. Little do we need it would start to Hail and rain while we were there. It was fun but damn cold I should have warn a jacket.... read more

As a child, we stopped briefly at the Grand Canyon. I remember how grand it was. The canyon seemed to go on forever, but more so, I knew it was deep, and I couldn't see the bottom. It seemed beyond life like to me, and I retreated to the safety of our car. Fast forward, it was summer of 1994, the year of my 20th high school reunion. Part of my vacation was to see old high school chums, the other part of my vacation was to tackle the Grand Canyon. I wondered what it would be like to hike this canyon. Could I pass the "test", or would it test me? I told friends and family that I wanted to hike the canyon. I didn't know North Rim from South Rim, all I knew is ... read more
Wider than the eyes can see
Our campsite
Thanksgiving in July

North America » United States » Arizona » Sedona January 23rd 1980

Geo: 34.866, -111.764Vortexing... read more

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