Summer Road Trip 2013: Arizona National Parks Day 2

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July 11th 2013
Published: May 29th 2014
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We finally left Phoenix and its majestic saguaros behind and drove up to northern Arizona. Its a lot more forested and cool to the touch. Our first stop was Montezuma Castle National Monument. Its named after Montezuma because the soldiers stationed nearby thought it resembled Aztec pyramids so therefore it was probably the Aztec Emperor's summer residence.

Its located right up on a cliff face and I can't tell whether it looks bigger or smaller than it actually is. I wish I could climb in and explore it a bit more. I've been fascinated by Pueblo Culture ruins eve since Wupatki last year and I felt like I want to know more. Why were they so busy building so much when plenty of others were just making little shacks and stuff?

We proceeded to get my niece involved in the Junior Ranger program. She'd be very good at it. She loves science and nature. She took her oath and I beamed with pride knowing the world will be a better place once she gets to living life.

I then convinced my brother to take a detour on the way to the Grand Canyon by visiting Sunset Crater National Monument and Wupatki National Monument. Its a loop road so it makes sense. We stopped by Sunset Crater first and explored the wonderful lava flows. Then posed with the volcano. I wish we could hike it. But its supposed to be dangerous. Then we headed to Wupatki where I shared my fascination of Pueblo Cultures with my brother and niece. The red bricks and stone still amazes me.

Next I made sure to have my family experience the wonders of Navajo Fry Bread! I could eat it for the rest of my life and never tire. Its delicious and wonderful and healthy! (Ok its not really healthy but its good and gooey!) Finally after experiencing some fry bread I allowed my brother to take us to the Grand Canyon. We got there late but it was still worth the side trip. Its still as big and deep as I remember. But once again we got stormed in. Booo storms! Also we annoyed people trying to take pictures of lightning. Sorry!

We headed to Las Vegas that night. Its a good 5 hours away so we took turns driving. We got in pretty late but its Vegas and nobody ever cares 😊

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