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November 23rd 2012
Published: November 24th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

Entry by Maret:

So yesterday, due to our very kind and brilliant neighbours, dad, Danaka and I were able to have a lovely day out.

We started out on our way to a near by Imperial International Wildlife Refuge, but before we got there we nearly stopped when our eyes caught on to a moving tank. Parked tanks are cool but when youseee them kicking up dust it is cooler.

Apparently the Wildlife REfuge was only 8 miles away how the crow flies, but we are definitely not crows, so there were some extra miles in there for us.

We got to the Wildlife Refuge in due time. They had some nice displays, stuffed birds, a snake, cougar, muskrat and a mountain goat. They also had two large fish tanks, one was all little dessert pupfish (small fish a couple inches long) and then in the other tank, two larger fish (about a foot long each) and a smaller (different) fish that wa about six inches long. I didn't catch the names of the larger fish but they were very interesting to observe.

After we took a look there and got some information and a map, we headed off on rocky roads that had sharp corners and steep hills till we got to the end. We got out of the car and looked around, at the view and interesting rocks that were constantly catching our eyes.

It's warmer up north then it usually is, so there weren't a bunch of birds to look at, but we did get to see one thing, which we all enjoyed, a wild bobcat. IT was the first for dad, Danaka and I.

That was at a place called Ironwood point, next was the Painted Desert Foot Trail, a 1.3 mile loop hike which we did.

It was a very enjoyable hike, on I wouldn't mind doing again.

On it we saw a hoodoo, windows in the rocks and more then enough donkey poo. For live things we saw a half dozen little lizards that darted across our path as we walked. Ringed tail lizards were one of the kinds in that area, I forget the others.

We also saw large groups of ants, so crowded they looked like plants, until you really looked at them. It was rather cool but I'm not one who really likes ants.

Anyways, after our hike that put us a little behind schedule, we drove to other points but didn't really get out. We left the Wildlife Refuge and went to a campground called Fisher's Landing where we got out for a bit and watched some guys put their boat in the water, and watched the ducks and geese come over. There wasa a full black one that I found very interesting, I hadn't remembered seeing a duck like it.

The geese were large white ones with bright orange beaks and feet, they also were pretty aggressive, especially when our friend started feeding the ducks.

After a bit of watching, and talking to our other fellow campers whe we ran into, we left towards Castle dome. It wasn't a very long drive, and it was plenty fun with all the dips and hills but it wasn't nearly as fun as what was to come.

Castle Dome was a large dome kind of rock way off in the distance. We didn't go there, we went to a ghost town museum-thingy. I guess castle dome was also a town, random buildings spread out in a 20 mile radius. It was an old mining town, the mined for silver. The buildings were rebuilt with some of the old material, and were all brought together. It was very amazing looking at it all, all the old tools, machines, shoes and plenty of other stuff. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to visit again.

One of my favourite places was the Sheriff's office. A rock walled jail about the size of a picnic table with metal barred windows and a single door that had an old pair of handcuffs on it. There was a table with an old postal and a wanted poster of Bob, Jim and Cole Younger along with a couple more wanted posters and four shot guns.

Overall it was a brilliant experience, well, I thought it was.

After going through the old buildings we went to the site were all the mines were. This was what was at the beginning.

(Pic Trespasser's Grave)

Have you ever seen a barrel cactus?

(pic barrel cactus)

PS Not able to upload pics at this time.


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