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May 28th 2009
Published: May 28th 2009
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Entering La PosadaEntering La PosadaEntering La Posada

This hotel was really a land of enchantment compared to the crowds and tourists we left in Sedona over the holiday weekend
It was really by chance that we came upon this place. We asked a lady in one of the 2 stores open on Memorial Day where we could get a good meal...she directed us to the La Posada, about a block down Route 66.

La Posada Hotel, the “last great railroad hotel,” was built in 1929 for the Santa Fe Railway. If you ever come this way, you have to make sure to spend at least a day looking at this place. At least, plan a meal in the Blue Turquoise room.

La Posada’s story weaves together two extraordinary visions. It begins with Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter, an architect of the 1930's, and Fred Harvey, who hired Colter to design the hotel. It embodied her vision, from its architecture down to its finely crafted details. La Posada closed in 1957; for the next 40 years, its future remained tenuous. It was pretty well cleaned out over the next 40 years of so. Then a guy named Allan Affeldt and his wife Tina Mion heard about the hotel and purchased it in 1997 after much negotiation. He brought with him a strong vision and commitment for returning La Posada to
The north entranceThe north entranceThe north entrance

...which used to be the back entrance.
Colter’s original concept. Rehabilitation started immediately and continues today, thanks to Affeldt’s efforts and the support of local preservationists, hotel guests, and a talented team of artisans and craftsmen. (Restoration means you bring it back to its original form and rehabilitation means you make the best with what you can get.) We got a DVD on this process, which is so interesting.= and we know some of you will love to watch.

In it's hayday, many famous people and movie stars stayed at this hotel. The front door, with beautiful gardens, faced the train station to the south at that time because that is how people arrived here. The trains still pass frequently but it is at the back of the hotel because the cars arrive at the new front entrance.

Because we answered all the questions correctly, they put us in Room 107, Albert Einstein's room as you will see. Every room is named for someone famous and every room is different. We will be posting some of the art work done by Tina Mion too.

Additional photos below
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On our way to the restaurantOn our way to the restaurant
On our way to the restaurant

This is one of the long hallways that the architect designed in a special way. There are crannies and nooks and gardens and courtyards in and around the hotel where you can read a book or paper, have a coffee, sit quietly. I
Some of the art...Some of the art...
Some of the art...

As the hotel has been rehabilitated, some of the original art work and furniture has been found and returned. Some of it has been reproduced by artisans. All of it is beautiful.
Tina Mion's workTina Mion's work
Tina Mion's work

There are many pieces of work by this artist who along with her husband is rehabilitating the hotel. She uses bright colours and interesting subjects.
Our portrait by TinaOur portrait by Tina
Our portrait by Tina

We were just sitting around relaxing when Tina happened by and thought we made a striking subject for yet another piece of art. Of course, we were happy to oblige. What do you think?
Lights in the Turquoise RoomLights in the Turquoise Room
Lights in the Turquoise Room

There is a strong Spanish influence in this hotel. An older gentleman 75+ years came by to see what was happening and asked about the metal work. He stated that he could do it...and so with a little faith they put him to work. He has reproduced the lights, and other metal pieces in the hotel in an exacting fashion.
Some of the people who have stayed hereSome of the people who have stayed here
Some of the people who have stayed here

Just look at this list of who's who...and now they can add Mary Gail and Sue
The room where we rested our headsThe room where we rested our heads
The room where we rested our heads

Because we were so smart, this is the room they chose for us to stay in. Thankfully it had 2 beds. They have to measure your head before you get to stay in the room because they know it will increase overnight and they can't resize the old door frames. Yeah Albert!!

28th May 2009

this is what I like about travelling..getting off the beaten path and finding those beautiful treasures the kinda day..
28th May 2009

Albert no rest now..
Now we will have no rest from you two since you have slept in this ...The hotel sounds awesome...Hugs..Marty
29th May 2009

WOW the pictures are wonderful... thanks so much for sharing this trip with us... Priscilla
26th July 2009

A quien corresponda: soy ingeniero en telecomunicaciones, pero de momento me encuentro escribiendo una novela de aventuras que roza la ciencia ficción. Parte de mi historia se desarrolla en el hotel La Posada (los protagonistas pasan por Winslow y va a comer a la Turquoise Room) y me interesaria obtener mas información de su historia y obtener fotos para poderlo describir lo mejor posible. Si ésto es posible por favor envíenme algún comentario y una dirección de email donde dirigirme. Muchas gracias

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