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North America » United States » Arizona » Willcox March 24th 2020

blog 03-24-20 Chiricahoua National Monument After Watson's walk I tucked him in at the camper for the day and I was off to explore Chiricahoua Nat'l Monument which was about a 50 min drive. The route took me along the base of the eastern mountain range along the Sulfur Flats then the road curved east through a break in the mountains. Part was through the gap I spotted an old graveyard and I just had to stop. It was called Pioneer Cemetery and after going through the gate I walked around a little to see how old it was. There were beautiful yellow flowers blanketing the graves and an occasional fence separating one family from the next. Pictures I wanted to investigate further but time was ticking and Chiriricahua was calling. I went out the gate ... read more
going up through the mountain
Pioneer Cemetery
old stone

North America » United States » Arizona » Willcox March 23rd 2020

blog 03-23-20 Patagonia to Willcox I was packed up and ready to leave by 9:30 which is remarkable for me. The road was a 2 lane 55 mph country road winding through pastures and scrubs. There were small Mesquite trees along the way and lots of cactus. I took a picture of bear grass with last years blossom stem and a century plant with it's old stem to compare the size of the 2. Then the terrain opened up and the speed limit was 65 or whatever you wanted to do with the mountain in the distance. I chose another smaller road vs the interstate to get into Benson where I picked up some supplies and headed east on interstate 10. Before long I was in Wilcox and found my campground Ft Wilcox Campground. I will ... read more
3 white winged doves hanging out in the century plant
mesquite trees
going into a valley with a river

North America » United States » Arizona » Willcox March 2nd 2013

RINGO There are two ghosts plainly visible in this photograph. They are in the shadows just to the right of the headstone. One is Ringo, and the other standing over him may be his gay lover, Billy Claiborne. The outlaw, Johnny Ringo was found shot through the head on July 14, 1882 up in West Turkey Creek Canyon. He was on his way back to Galeyville after a Fourth of July toot that began in Tombstone with Buckskin Frank Leslie and Billy Claiborne as drinking companions. Ringo’s death appeared to have been a suicide and the coroner’s inquest ruled it so, however no investigation of his death was ever done. The authorities simply accepted the word of those who found the body and buried it that the death was a suicide. Historians have been arguing about ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Willcox February 27th 2013

HOGTOWN A soldier at a frontier post could not always get everything he needed from the sutler or from the commissary stores. The area of brothels and saloons that sprang up around military outposts was commonly called “Hogtown” by the soldiers that they were set up to serve. At Fort Grant in Arizona Territory hogtown thrived about three miles to the south of the post in what is now called Bonita. Henry Antrim was only 17 years old in 1877 but was already a well-known horse thief and shirker at Fort Grant. He was so slightly built that he could barely do an honest day’s work, and hated being put upon to do so under any circumstance. Being puny in stature had its advantage; he was adept at breaking out of jail. Henry was arrested in ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Willcox February 25th 2013

WARREN EARP Out of all six of the Earp brothers Warren, the youngest, was the scrappiest and had the worst temper. It was particularly bad when he was drunk, and he was quite fond of the bottle. Through his whole life Warren tried and failed to live up to reputation for toughness enjoyed by his brothers. He was always on the fight and frequently in trouble. In 1893 he was officially invited to leave Yuma after allegedly extorting money out of a man named Bahrens; after threatening to murder him and throw him off the bridge in a dispute over a woman. In due course of events Wyatt’s old pal, Henry Clay Hooker, put Warren on the payroll at Sierra Bonita Ranch near Willcox. Warren did okay for himself there as long as he stayed sober ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Willcox February 12th 2013

COCHISE STATION Burt Alvord was a well-regarded lawman in Cochise County. In 1897 he was appointed town constable in Willcox. It was a fun job that suited his special talent for bruising up rambunctious miscreants and busting their pumpkin heads. It did not pay very handsomely though and he was having trouble making ends meet. In order to supplement his modest income Burt and his pal, Billy Stiles, decided to branch out into robbing trains. The two of them put together a good plan although it involved robbing the store of a friend in Willcox for the dynamite needed to open the express safe. The blasting caps, fuses and more dynamite were pilfered from a mine in Dos Cabezas. For muscle they brought in two of Billy’s drinking pals, Matt Burts and Bill Downing. Bill was ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Willcox January 9th 2013

MARY CUMMINGS She is better known as Big Nose Kate Elder, the stormy companion of several years to Doc Holliday, the well-known tinhorn gambler and drunkard. Mary was born in Pest, Hungary on Nov 7, 1850 to Dr Michael Horony and his wife Katarina. Dr Horony was the personal physician to the Hapsburg family in Austria, and attended to the health of Maximilian, who later became Emperor of Mexico. The Horony’s came to America in 1860 and settled in Davenport, IA where the good doctor and his wife both died in 1865. Mary and her sister were kicked around as orphan girls from one place to next until Mary ran away. She went to St Louis as a domestic servant, but that didn’t suit her much. By 1874 she had become a ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Willcox December 2nd 2012

A FINE KETTLE OF FISH LT Britton Davis graduated from West Point in the summer of 1881. In May of 1882 Geronimo was on the rampage in Mexico and needed more fighting men. He kidnapped them from among Loco’s band living peaceably near Camp Goodwin. In due course Geronimo surrendered to General Crook in Mexico and the hostiles were taken in three groups back to the San Carlos Agency. Lt Davis was charged with the responsibility for escorting the hostiles from the border up through Sulphur Springs Valley to the reservation. The first two groups had only a few ponies and were able to travel quickly enough to avoid trouble. Several weeks had passed before Geronimo’s group reached the border. When they finally arrived they had a herd of 350 cattle stolen in Mexico. ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Willcox November 29th 2012

BASCOM AFFAIR Lt George N. Bascom graduated from West Point second from the bottom of his class in 1858. He was posted as a shavetail to the 7th Infantry at Camp Floyd in Utah before his outfit was transferred in 1860 to Fort Buchanan in what was then still the Territory of New Mexico. New Mexico extended all of the way from Texas to California. The Gadsden Purchase was made with Mexico in 1854 to acquire lands suitable for a transcontinental railway and for a year around mail and communications route to California. Prior to the purchase the international boundary after the War with Mexico was set at the Gila River. Like everything else in those turbulent days commercial routes to California were contentious issues between the North and the South. Gadsden was the ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Willcox October 17th 2010

With the cooler temperatures quickly nipping at our heels, so is the need for a mandatory trip to Apple Annie's in Willcox. I feel a tradition in the making;) An hour-ish drive east brings us to slightly higher elevations, slightly cooler temps and countryside galore. We got to enjoy this trip with both of Jeff's parents this time, to the farm where we wandered through the apple orchards and plucked to our hearts content. Then we picked a bunch of veggies, a nicely shaped pumpkin. A trip to Apple Annies is never complete without a big ol slice of fresh pie and a heaping scoop of vanilla icecream. We also wandered through the corn maze where Jeff's tall physique was dwarfed by the massive corn stalks. Fun fun fun!!... read more
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