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November 14th 2006
Published: November 14th 2006
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Entering Sabino CanyonEntering Sabino CanyonEntering Sabino Canyon

This is the beginning of the 3.7 mile road that leads up into the canyon. Cars were restricted in the Canyon back in the mid '70's. The car exhaust was killing the Saguaros. There are hourly trams that take people into the canyon if you don't want to walk it.
Many people think we're crazy, but we love Tucson! It's a hard thing to explain, so we're going to do it photo essay style. We have included some of our favorite hikes, drives, and U of A sport activities.
We also did another Stone's Bigger Bang concert in Phoenix. Ron rated it at number 4 of the 4 we saw. I put it at number 3. The next night we went to the Suns and the Mavs game. It was really close and lots of fun. The rest of our time here has been spent with friends , visiting favorite restaurants, and shopping in all the hot spots. These were our days in the life that is Tucson!!
Friday, Nov. 17 we head back east to Indiana. We will be there until Nov. 28 and then it is off to Hawaii to escape all possibilities of winter weather. Life is good!!

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At SabinoAt Sabino
At Sabino

Ron examines a Crestate Saguaro on the trail.
At the creekside beachAt the creekside beach
At the creekside beach

One day while eating a picnic here, we saw a young mountain lion cross the stream in front of us. It happened so fast and we were so shocked that no photo was snapped.
Crossing the flooded bridgesCrossing the flooded bridges
Crossing the flooded bridges

Due to the extreme rain in Aug. the creek is still overflowing the bridges on the road into the canyon.
One of our frequent picnic stops.One of our frequent picnic stops.
One of our frequent picnic stops.

It had little damage from the Aug. floods and landslides.
Tram Stop 9 and the flood damageTram Stop 9 and the flood damage
Tram Stop 9 and the flood damage

This was the first day that the road was open to hikers. The tram is only going to the 2 mile mark at this time due to all the damage.
What happened to the toilets??What happened to the toilets??
What happened to the toilets??

The restrooms that were at this final stop are still buried under 20 tons of rocks. You can just see the roof peaking out of the boulders.
Will it be restored?Will it be restored?
Will it be restored?

The Park Service hasn't decided if they will restore this area to its former self. If they do, it won't be done for several years. Basically, the entire side of the mountain slid down on the site.
Sabino Canyon residentsSabino Canyon residents
Sabino Canyon residents

Desert squirrel having lunch

15th November 2006

Thinking of you
Hi, I was just thinking I hadn't received a blog for awhile and there it was when I got home from the McIntosh Boys & Girls Championship Games. Girls won - boys lost. I know how you love sports. Anyway, I love all of your exotic trips but seeing these gorgeous American spots really touched my heart. I can see why you love this place. I am glad "life is good." When I get these blogs, I am thankful for technology. And then . . . I am thankful for my sons who can help me figure it out! See ya, Sharon
15th November 2006

Ron & Pam, Cool pictures, especially ones by the stream. Ron, thanks for the books. I apprciate it. Steven is off next Wednesday to play the Hollywood Xmas parade in California. Jenna's team still undefeated, Thanksgiving break on the horizon, life is Good! Take care and continue to enjoy your adventures!! Jim
17th November 2006

i think i can, i think i can.....
I just want you to know that Spyros is thinking about June in Create (did i spell that right). Anyhow.....Between you, Ron, and Spyros, i cannot even imagine the tourist story we may get. I think you and Ron would get a major kick of the Charleston Icon, in his homeland. Gee.....I have cut out so many renditions of the next few lines.....Anyhow.... I would love for you to meet my in-laws...as they have lived there, and survived a major life transition. But dag on.....we all love Greece. Even those of us who have never been there!!!! I don't yet have the dates....but Deno and i may need a tour guide also in Switzerland. A land neither of us have visisted, but know we both MUST go! Did I say "MUST"? Love you two!!! mindy

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