The Melting Pot!

Published: May 4th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

Another early start - When will I get a lay in!!

Up at 06:45, and in the car by 07:15 towards Mcdonalds Ranch for Liz & Nigels horse riding trip. Myself and Andy decided it wasn't our thing! Nige was first to mount his horse 'Rodeo' and Liz was next up onto 'Patches' They got accustomed to what would be their new found friends for the next hour, and off they trotted!

Myself and Andy stayed in the area and had a wander around the ranch grounds. Even getting mildly attacked by the local dogs!! I then shaded under a tree, whilst Andy took some photos of the surroundings.

An hour later Liz and Nige returned, with huge smiles on their faces. They both really enjoyed it. Even the part where the guide got their horses to gallop and Liz's foot came out of the stirrup, even when Liz shouted to stop they still galloped!!

We went to a local supermarket and stocked up on supplies for the week, then went back and relaxed by the pool for the afternoon!

Now I have to take full credit for todays evening meal! The last couple of years
Hawks NestHawks NestHawks Nest

In the ranch trail route
I have been to America, we have tried to get into a restaurant called the 'Melting Pot' but due to its popularity we have never suceeded - Until now! In my wisdom I planned ahead, explained the retaurant to Liz - She was up for it, so I got Nige to e-mail Keith who in turn got Sylvia to book it months in advance. High five's to me all round!! And we got the best table in the house! Result!!

Basically its a fondue restaurant where you order your fondue flavours for each course - Then dip your breads, meats, fruits etc into the fondues for each course respectively. It..... was........ gorgeous.

It was then back to Keith & Sylvia's for Creme de Menthes, and star gazing with Keiths telescope, Saturn, clusters and even other galaxies!

Perfect day!!

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This was us amusing ourselves
Ultimate relaxation timeUltimate relaxation time
Ultimate relaxation time

They actually said they would blow up this bed for me and Liz - Yeah right, seconds later they were crashed on it, and they fell asleep!!

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