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North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix March 9th 2015

Day 2 started off with a trip to Jack in the box to try a fajita pita for the first time. It was great! From there we started our drive up I-17 N to I-40 E to go to Meteor Crater at Winslow, AZ. When we arrived we first went to the store to purchase a t-shirt that was on sale. After that we took a trip out to the crater to get pics and videos. The crater was huge! It was worth the price to get in and see it. It is something everyone should see once in their lifetime. After the crater, we headed to our hotel, the Holiday Inn Express Grand Canyon. It was a very nice hotel but it was very crowded. We needed to get some shut eye so we could ... read more
Meteor Crater
Holiday Inn Express Grand Canyon
Holiday Inn Express Grand Canyon

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix February 26th 2015

Woke in my own room for the first time in a week and took a minute to realize where I was. Got breakfast at Ihop before driving out. Next meal would be in about 5 hours or so when I get to Phoenix. Driving through New Mexico and Arizona can be some of the loneliest driving you can do. It felt like I was driving through a scene from red dead redemption. I think I even saw the same mountain range from the game. Driving through a desert can really make you reflect on your life as you have so much time to think. I got to Phoenix around 2:30PM and put in a message to my local friend Zaina that I made it. We arrange for a meetup later that evening. Hostel for this evening ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix January 20th 2015

WHOOOHOOO!! Finally here in Phoenix Arizona. Left Melbourne an hour late on the 20.1.2015, some joker booked in and something went pear shaped and we waited an hour on the aircraft whilst his luggage was removed, surname MAHOOD!!!! Made good time 14hr flight only 13 something and got into LAX 7.45a.m. instead of 7.15a.m. 20.1.15, out of airport by 8.45a.m. then onto a bus to car hire Alamo (LAX huge so No all car hire places off site) got into our Volvo and started it but could not find keys, neither could the attendant, so unload car and get another so now we have our Criesler 300 jumped in and left LAX area at around 9.30a.m. headed down to Route 10, stopping off at the Premium Outlets at Cabazon (near Palm Springs) then lunch in Ruby's ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix January 5th 2015

What an amazing adventure Asia was and we're so excited that over 100 of you came along by reading the blog. We loved your comments (even though we couldn't always respond). Thanks for sending them. We have been back in Phoenix for almost a month now and we're getting itchy feet ;-) Now, during this month we did take a road trip to Salt Lake City. It snowed on Christmas Day which was beautiful with the mountains surrounding the basin. We spent some time in Las Vegas which is always fun too. Visited with friends, got the cars repaired and licensed, got the condo ready for our "snowbird" renters, tried to figure out why the bugs are eating our bouganvillas ;-), sat in the sun and had many lunches, took in The Texas Tenors at Symphony ... read more
Coyote Pups

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix November 27th 2014

Our first road trip... The idea was to take a cheaper trip, and to be honest, it was cheaper, compared to Africa. However, it was by far the most expensive road trip we will have taken. Apparently I watch too many movies, because the idea in my head, was this romantic excursion with the husband, with everything planned out, in a cute little notebook. He would drive, and I would read the history of each stop. Everything would go as planned, and it would be a fairytale. The reality was nothing like this, but it was better! We flew Southwest, because, well, it's the best. We rented a car from Fox- which gave us great service but renting a little economy car in the mountains is a terrible idea. More to come on that. When we ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix October 10th 2014

We arrived at Walmart in Bowling Green,Ky at 5:50am. Our son, Scott, drove us there. We boarded the motor coach and left for Nashville airport at 6:15. We met our tour director,Jud Spencer, with Holiday Vacations. Our tour guide is Shane Holinde, WBKO's weather man. We arrived at the airport around 7:30. We boarded our airplane and left Nashville around 9:40 and landed at Dallas-Fort Worth around 11:30am. We left at 1:35pm and landed in Phoenix at 1:45 mountain time. Both flights were very smooth. We then boarded a motor coach that brought us to Embassy Suites Biltmore. After we checked in we walked around the area. The temperature is 85 degrees. In the background one can see the breath taking view of Camelback Mountain. We went to a welcome reception in the lobby area at ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix September 20th 2014

Well friends, our adventure begins with….Felons and Funerals Phoenix, Arizona As many of you probably saw on the national news yesterday we had a felon loose in the Phoenix Airport. Terminal 4 (our terminal for flying Southwest) was on lockdown for three hours until they finally apprehended the guy for robbing a gas station… geez! Flights were cancelled, no one was allowed to enter the airport grounds…helicopters overhead, what a mess… fortunately for us we had 24 hours before we would need to fly out. Friday, 1PM Today, after months of planning, the time finally came for us to leave for Asia. Our "driver” Ash, picked us up for the airport. We only have a 10 minute drive door to door, so it should have been a quick jaunt to departures. But alas, this was not ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix September 9th 2014

Well, we're almost ready to take off for....53 days of cruising, 10 days of bus tours, 5 airplane flights, 3 days of river cruising, 20 independent wandering days, 12 formal nights, 22 day tours, 4 night tours, 6 beach days, 2 birthdays, 1 anniversary, blogging along the way, rainy days, cold days, hot days, windy days, and of course, eating-exercising-eating-swimming-eating! All in a 22 inch rolling carry-on & a shoulder bag, less than 35 pounds TOTAL! There are so many articles on how to pack light that it seems crazy for me to even address it here…but ;-) so many of you have asked “How the heck can you travel so long with so little?”, that I feel compelled to see what I can add to this topic ;-). For those of you who have ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix August 22nd 2014

Well, it's been awhile since our last adventure so time to tune up the old website and start thinking about ASIA!! Let's see if this works.... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Phoenix August 19th 2014

Hi Everybody, it's time for another big trip! How does three months wandering from the Aleutian Islands to the mysterious East, at least it's mysterious to us as we've never been there. Our travels will take us to Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. We've been crazy with lists of things to do from Hep A shots and typhoid pills to where to store the car ;-) Trying to read through the directions for applying for Visas to packing as minimally as possible but still have everything we need. I'm continually on the search for the "perfect" bag and we just may have found it. It's a 22" carry on by Go Lite. We've trial packed it and I think it will be great. The blue/green rolling bag along with the ... read more

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