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February 21st 2009
Published: February 25th 2009
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The weather let up for a few days in Phoenix while we were there allowing us to take advantage of mini-skirts (and possibly the only clean laundry we had left in our luggage). The sight of two females in their 20s was an unusual sight at touristy attractions frequented only at this time by families or retired seniors. We got some shifty looks and most probably wondered why we weren't contributing to society through school or work.

Kartchner Caves
The caves were only a few hours from Tucson and we headed south to visit this attraction before heading back north to Phoenix. This experience was unique with the familiar line "take only pictures, leave only footprints" was taken to a new level here. Park officials of this cave are torn between revenue generated from admission tickets + benefits of public education vs. conservation of this unique natural formation (it was a race to turn this area into a state park to protect the pristine (and previously undiscovered) cave and manage it properly). Unfortunately, a good 1/3 of the tour was spent emphasizing the dangers that lint shed from our clothing and oils secreted from our skin would cause encouraging fungi and other destruction of the cave. On the positive side, the tour guide explained the names of different formations including the bacon formation, drapery, shield, popcorn & (soda) straw - ones that were preserved due to the diligent efforts of conservation specialists & the state park.

Desert Botanical Garden
The highlight of our stop in Phoenix was the Desert Botanical Garden. There is currently a Chihuly blown glass exhibit that was designed to compliment the desert landscape in this garden. We went to see the exhibit at night when it was lit up and the colors of glass were amazing against the night sky. We were disappointed to discover that the exhibit closed at 8pm when we arrived 20 minutes before closing. We went closer to get as best a look we could but ended up sneaking in accidentally in the cover of the night and got some fantastic shots

Dabbling in Citrus Banditry
The weather in Arizona is temperate enough to grow citrus fruits. These trees are mostly all over Phoenix in public spaces. They make the ultimate cheap meal as you can't beat free... (and most are actually edible!).

Montezuma Castle National Monument
This funky cave dwelling was home to Sinagua people back in the 1400s. Entrance was a little tricky as it required a ladder to get into the different rooms. We were quite relieved to discover that walking path was paved and you could not enter the cave itself. There was no need this time for hiking up a ladder in a mini-skirt...

This area was as pretty as promised with the rocks glowing orange and red with sunset. Metaphysical stores are abundant in this town as Sedona supposedly contains spiritual vortices. Where is this spiritual energy coming from? Is this a renewable resource?

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