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40W to New Mexico is very different landscape from TX 🛣more green 🌳 more hills Still extremely windy...75 mph highway against the wind. Subie gas ⛽️ mileage averaging 22 miles to the gallon 😬 Mountains and expansive, land, land. McCalls Pumpkin Patch and Haunted Farm - packed with people and pumpkins 🎃 Back to 65 mph...pass signs for the Cibola National Forest and the National Museum of Nuclear Science. Adobe style 🏡 homes...University of New 🇲🇽 Mexico. Yellow and turquoise license plates. Stopping for a late lunch/early dinner at the Standard Diner - 2008 episode of Diner's Drive Ins and Dives (DDD) 😄 It's a refurbished circa 1938 Texaco Station on Historic Route 66 dishing out inventive American diner eats. Jennifer and Jason - you would love this place! Karen ordered what Guy Fieri had: ... read more
Morning hike
Standard Diner - Albuquerque NM
Painted Desert

On the way to Cottonwood we stopped at the Petrified Forest National Park. We spent several hours here before finishing our journey to Cottonwood, AZ. It was a very nice ride through the park and the various stops along the way proved to be very interesting. The Petrified Forest was overcome with Limestone and the trees and everything in certain areas turned to stone. It was well worth the stop and would be recommended to see to all. This is where we wished we could have piece of the stone which was forbidden to be removed from the park. They actually search vehicles on the way out of the park. We will later purchase one at our stop in Jerome, Az.... read more
Petrified Forest National park
Petrified Forest Landscpae
Trees turned to stone!

Petrified Forest - Versteinerter Wald vor vielen, vielen Jahren stand da mal ein Wald. Die Bäume sind dann abgestorben, und z.B. von einem Fluss mitgetragen worden, und schlussendlich irgendwo liegen geblieben. Während der darauffolgenden Aonen sind die Bäume von Sediment überlagert worden. Wasser ist im Boden eingesickert und wurde dann von den vergrabenen Bäumen aufgenommen. Die Flüssigkeit ist dann vertrocknet und die im Wasser gelösten Mineralien sind in den Bäumen verblieben und haben so diesen Versteinerten Wald gebildet. Nach und nach wurde auch das Sediment wieder abgetragen und hat die nun versteinerten Bäume freigegeben. So ist der Petrified Forest National Park entstanden.... read more
Petrified Forest N.P.
Petrified Log
Petrified Log

After a restful night at Bluewater Lake State Park, Kenny and I headed out bright and early to Holbrook, AZ, home of The Petrified Forest and The Painted Desert. I had visited them both with my family when I was about 12 years old and I remember being totally awestruck and amazed. I was really interested to see how my " adult" viewpoint compared with my "childhood" viewpoint. We decided to make a side trip to Gallup, as we had always heard of Gallup, New Mexico, but did not know what to expect. We pulled over on I-40 in Gallup and had a good breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Cracker Barrel is always a good bet on the road with a motor home because there is always room to park and the Sourdough French Toast is yummy! ... read more
Famous El Rancho Hotel, Gallup
Inside the El Rancho Hotel
Richardson Trading Company, Gallup

Day 6 of the road trip takes us to the Petrified Forest. We got a late start due to the car problem, so we dropped our plans to go to Sedona. However, we were not disappointed, we entered the park via Route 40, the views of the Painted Desert were spectacular. Although Route 66 generally follows the path of the current Route 40, the original Route 66 cut through the Painted Desert at the park, which is still marked with a line of telephone poles. The Petrified trees are located at the southern end of the park, 27 miles from where we entered. It was extremely windy, as seen on some of the photos of my hair. The pictures speak for themselves, but do not do it justice. We had dinner in Historic Flagstaff at a ... read more
Driving in southern Arizona
Pueblo Acoma
Pueblo Acoma along Route 40

Tuesday, May 1st Happy May Day, Y’all! Blue, clear skies and 64 degrees. Fool Hollow State Park near Show Low, Arizona. Started off the morning by cleaning up Rosie inside and out as each camp spot here had a concrete pad to park on instead of the usual gravel or dirt. There were lots of ground squirrels and chipmunks out running around. Valerie was taking some pictures of the camp spot/lake and swimming along came 3 pairs of Canada Geese. Each pair had one goose in the lead, a row of 6-8 goslings, and then the mate bringing up the rear. All three pairs had this straight row, one behind the other. I hadn’t realized how protective Canada Geese were of their young, until this trip. This is a really nice State Park with wide spaces, ... read more
412-86 Canada geese family at Fool Hollow Lake
412-87 Cassin's finch at Fool Hollow Lake SP
412-88 Bath house at Fool Hollow Lake SP

When we left Flagstaff, it was a cold, threatening morning. We drove east on old route 66 and it never rained on us all day. At Holbrook we turned off and went the back way into the Petrified forest. What a wonderful place to re-explore! Driving north throught the park we crossed route 66 again and stopped at the Route 66 wayside memory stop. Continuing on we were able to get some great color on the painted desert.... read more
Petrified Forest 1
Petrified Forest 2
Petrified Forest 3

Summer school is out and Holidayroad is on the move. Some have said that I am the alter ego of a certain individual who will remain anonymous. Truth be told, he is the alter ego. Spent some time at Petrified Forest National Park. Got my first Junior Ranger Badge, Patch, & Certificate. The girl that swore me in said that she “had never done it before” and that ”I was her first”. I refrained from making any comments, though some did cross my mind. I’m done for now (writers block). I can do that, it's my blog. ... read more
puttin' the stamp to it
badge & patch

Painted Desert and Petrified Forest - October 18th As we left the Rockies, dropping down from the mountains, the landscape changed around us quickly. We were now in a vast desert area with deep red mountains as a back drop and giant boulders that looked like they'd just been placed there. As we crossed int the border into Arizona we stopped for fuel and were given an alternative route suggested by a nice Mexican which he said was very scenic. I was also amused by the writing on the toilet wall... Person 1: "Hey Gringo, leave my wife alone!" Person 2: "We'll come and get me then you f**k!" The route was certainly scenic and took us through very baron land and through towns and villages off the beaten track. Farms and houses built as shacks ... read more
Rainbow over the Petrified Forest
We camped out there!
A lizzard

(day 1) My mom has always dreamt of going to Colorado, so we decided to take a road trip to Telluride. We took the scenic, smaller roads in favor of the interstate. Arizona has so many beautiful places, many lurking just around the corner. So many places, in fact, that we haven't even seen a lot of them. The Salt River Canyon was on our list of places to see. The Salt River Canyon is a short drive north on Route 60 from Mesa. The ground suddenly opens up and the road hugs the curves of the mountain. The Salt River Canyon is often called the mini-Grand Canyon. After driving the hairpin turns and oo-ing and ah-ing, we headed north to Petrified Forest National Park. The petrified wood's history started out 200 million years ago when ... read more
Painted Desert
Puerco Pueblo
Salt River Canyon

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