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North America » United States » Arizona » Peach Springs June 27th 2015

The road west from Albuquerque is once again mainly restricted to the I40 as it actually covers most of it. There are small sections that shoot off but only for a few miles and then they return to the faster interstate highway. This was however not a problem as which ever road you choose going west out of New Mexico is stunning. We had a good 500-600 miles to cover today, so taking the fast road was the best option anyway and we really enjoyed speeding past the small settlements either side with the pastel red colour of the hills and the San Francisco mountain peaks on the horizon.(not actually in San Francisco which is confusing!) The first stop was about 240 miles into Arizona (about the same distance from mid cornwall to London!) just before ... read more

It might help to explain the heading to our blog up front. Our plan was essentially to go to Canyon de Chelly and then raft down the Grand Canyon. However, we found that the route to our destination for rafting largely followed the old Route 66 in Arizona, from Flagstaff, through William, Seligman, Peach Springs & Kingman – which became a pleasant, wonderful & unexpected surprise addition to our travels so we had to add a section to the blog on it. And quite a large section at that……. So after Canyon De Chelly – share the ride. Canyon De Chelly We're up early to leave Mesa Verde to go to Canyon de Chelly, (pronounced Duh Shay) and as forecast it's snowing!! Thankfully it's not settling and by the time we are out of the NP ... read more
Rt 66 Cafe - Williams
The chopper that takes us up back to the Rim of the GC
All aboard - ready to raft the Grand Canyon

Lone Pine, CA to Peach Springs, AZ – 419 miles Total miles: 788 miles Do you ever wonder about who is behind those Adopt A Highway signs? Today as we cruised the highways and byways of California and Arizona I couldn’t help but wonder about the stories behind some of the signs. Why did the Indian Wells Ladies Garden Club sponsor a lonesome stretch of 395 in Kern County? Who are Kelli and Piglet and Family? Who was remembering Ray and Bertha? I think about all these unknown stories…. Today was long stretch of desert. We were greeted by the majesty of Mt. Whitney hit with the early morning sun during our morning walk. Then we hit the road for about 8 hours, across the Mojave, into Arizona, first sight of the mighty Colorado, and then ... read more
Somewhere along 395
Sahara Oasis, somewhere along 40
Sahara Oasis garden lunch spot

North America » United States » Arizona » Peach Springs July 16th 2010

July 16 2010 We left Williams at 8:00am this morning. The drive from Seligman to Topock is roughly 159 uninterrupted miles of 66. Ashfork brought the Road Kill Café. You kill it, we grill it! And yet another Route 66 Motel and an old jailhouse. In Hackberry the General Store was a gold mine of 50s stuff. Including a 1959 Corvette, much like the one Angelo and Pete drove to Texas back in the day. I received a couple of comments regarding me resisting buying jewelry. I was told that if I didn’t want to buy it for myself I should buy it for my daughters. So I bought two pairs of earrings hand made by the owner’s mother :-) In Kingman. we decided to skip the next leg to Oatman because of the mountain driving ... read more
Giant Tiki
Hackberry General Store
Hackberry 3

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