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North America » United States » Arizona » Parker February 23rd 2015

ROASTEN, TOASTEN, AND DUSTEN After the skulking Japs launched their dastardly sneak attack on Pearl Harbor nobody in America was willing to trust any other Japs. We had about 120 thousand Jap citizens who proclaimed they were peaceable and loyal and most of them probably were. An Allied victory in WWII was far from a certainty at the beginning of our involvement in the war. We were not ready to go to war, Europe and Russia were dangerously close to falling to the Nazis, and the Japs held the entire Pacific and China. If we lost the war our peaceable and loyal Jap citizens would have quickly returned their allegiance to the Jap Empire. In the meantime Jap citizens were a problem that our political leadership did not have the time or the inclination to deal ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Parker February 25th 2011

Hello! Since I have last posted, we have stayed in Needles, Lake Havasu , and now Parker. We have met up with some friends, Burger and Mike Swanson and Rick and Marcy Jansen. We really liked the Maobi Regional Park in Needles. Unfortunately we were only able to stay three nights. The park is set up on peninsulas on the Colorado River. Four sites to each peninsula. Very nice and close to many things to do. We tried to reserve it for next February for a month. The price is really reasonable. But it is already full. I will have to watch the internet site when we get home. We then moved to Lake Havasu. Lots of happenings through the weekend so only found dry camping in Prospector Park. 15 a night; not bad and was ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Parker February 11th 2010

We are still here, but have finally decided it's time... We will be pulling out on the 18th (a week from today) and heading for the big city of Yuma. We are going to spend some much anticipated time with Rod and Colleen and Dan and Linda and really looking forward to it. It was so nice when Rod and Colleen stopped by - a little bit of home comin to us! We've also had Uncle Don and Aunt Darlene come by. We met them up in Laughlin for the super bowl and had a blast! Anyway, we will spend a week or two there in Yuma, maybe even get some use out of the used golf clubs we got at the swap meet, then head for the Pheonix area. We are going to meet Bob's ... read more
Allie and the Cat
All three kids
Aly in the high chair

North America » United States » Arizona » Parker January 23rd 2010

It's amazing. You get 5 days in a row of rain in Washington and it's considered a "typical week". In Arizona, it's the worst storm in decades and it becomes a "state of emergency". We actually didn't get 5 days of rain here. We had one day of really bad rain and a couple of nasty days of cold, wind and some "spitting". There were tornado warnings along the Colorado river and in Pheonix. The Barrett Jackson auction had a tent fly to the middle of 101 and another couple collapse. There were flash floods all over the valley. We actually thought we might wake up with waterfrontage on the Colorado (we're in the second row back). There were definitely high winds and we lost power a few times. The rain really came down hard for ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Parker January 14th 2010

We are still having a wonderful time here in Parker. My duck is progressing quite nicely and actually does look like a bird... All of my fingers are in tact and thre has been no more blood. One of the other people in class loaned me a kevlar glove that helps to keep the knife from getting too deep. I haven't tested it yet, and have no intention to any time soon. We went to Oatman Monday. Took route 66 all the way there. It was quite a drive - pretty twisty turny - when we got to the "other side" of the desert, Bob said, "why the heck didn't they just put the highway straight across the desert from one side to the other instead of winding it all over the place? I don't get ... read more
Me n the littlest one
Allie n A big old cactus

North America » United States » Arizona » Parker January 8th 2010

We started our woodcarving class on Tuesday this week. We are carving an American Avocet which is a shore bird with a long curved bill and long legs. Sure seemed like a good idea at the time.... I figured if it resembled anything like a bird, I'd be happy. Our second lesson, however, ended rather abruptly for me after a slip of the (very sharp, very pointy) carving knife. The nearly 2 inch long slice in the meaty part of my thumb bled with the force of the hanson dam (if it actually ever did fail). With quick work by the wife of the instructor (Rena) - who is very familiar with the sight of blood - the bleeding slowed to a drip so I could get home to butterfly it. It was just short of ... read more
Campsite at LaPaz
Lucy Sunbathing

North America » United States » Arizona » Parker January 3rd 2010

Yee haw! Here we sit in Parker Arizona in La Paz County park. This place is GREAT! (It was 70 degrees today) We had looked at about 5 other parks in the area and when we got to this one, it was pretty much a given that this is where we would spend the next week. We picked a spot, went back to the office and there were 3 more rigs behind us wanting in. We've been here for a week now, have extended or stay another two weeks and may extend it another month after that. If we can convert one or two of the next weeks into a month we will do it that way. There are mountains all around us, it's right on the Colorado river just below the dam at lake Havascu, ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Parker December 28th 2009

So, instead of parking in Bakersfield for a week, we decided to motate to Blythe. The drive here was absolutely incredible, for several reasons. Highway 10 on a Saturday turned out to be an incredibly bad choice. Traffic was horrific. We thought there had to be an accident or something, but we saw nothing. After being in a stop and go mess for over an hour, it finally opened up and we were off again. It was a great reminder of exactly why we left the Seattle area. Traffic sucks. We got through Palm Springs (WHAT is the attraction there people?!?!) and drove through the desert at dusk. The desert scenery was wonderful and the sunset was spectacular! We had chosen a park south of Blythe and had hoped that it would be "the one". We ... read more
Desert sunset 1
Desert sunset 6

North America » United States » Arizona » Parker December 24th 2009

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE BACK THERE IN MICHIGAN!!! Day 108 We arrived at Buckskin State Park near Parker, AZ on the 15th. Now we are only 2 hours different from Michigan time! This park is also on the Colorado River like that last one, but here our campsite is right along the river. We have the perfect campsite, #11 if you are ever over this way. There is a grassy park right at our door and then the river. Right across the river is California. We have watched an osprey, a cooper's hawk , a coyote and a roadrunner from our lawn chairs. Ron has flown his glider from one state to another in a matter of seconds by flying over the river. One day we took a drive on Cienega Springs Road - through BLM ... read more
Buckskin State Park
Geocache Mine
Desert Bar

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