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January 3rd 2010
Published: January 3rd 2010
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Yee haw! Here we sit in Parker Arizona in La Paz County park. This place is GREAT! (It was 70 degrees today) We had looked at about 5 other parks in the area and when we got to this one, it was pretty much a given that this is where we would spend the next week. We picked a spot, went back to the office and there were 3 more rigs behind us wanting in. We've been here for a week now, have extended or stay another two weeks and may extend it another month after that. If we can convert one or two of the next weeks into a month we will do it that way. There are mountains all around us, it's right on the Colorado river just below the dam at lake Havascu, and it's in the middle of a really cool golf course. There are (non-obnoxious) birds everywhere here including an abundance of quail, it was 70 today, no traffic noise, we have occasionally heard donkeys and coyotes at night (whether they are californian or Arizonian critters is still being debated), it's 8 miles away from Parker which has everything you could possibly need, a swap meet here every Saturday, and really great people all over the park! After our first day here we got invited to "Happy Hour" - Every day from 3 to 5 they bring theirs chairs over to a designated spot, put them into a circle and tell all sorts of stories... Just a couple of hours of getting to know each other. It's really great. Today is the first time we have partaken - we just got our chairs yesterday - besides, it was 70 today. So anyway - the days just FLY by no matter what we are doing - plans or no plans. I don't think we'll get bored any time soon. We have signed up for a woodcarving class that starts this week and we bought some used golf clubs for us both at the swap meet today and think we may take lessons at the club across the street. If we don't get in on lessons we can at least hit at the driving range and there is even a place were we can practice putting. There are about bazillion different day trips that we plan to take starting next week to old mining towns, museums and ghost towns, and we're going to go visit some friends down in Yuma for a couple of days (they will hold our spot here), then Rod and Colleen will be coming down in February so we'll be able to hang out with them for a while too. We found out from Aunt Darlene that Bob's 2nd cousin, Otto, stays here every year and will be here within the next couple of weeks. Bob hasn't seen him since he was a kid, so this will be an opportunity to really connect. We have already run into one couple who know Otto well - Leroy teaches the carving class. So time wise we are definitely set up. We also have Allie who is always a conversation starter. We have taken her with us through the swap meets here and we can't go 10 feet without someone wanting to pet her and talk to us, so we won't ever lack for company. Lucy is going outside for longer and longer stretches, especially on 70 degree days. She isn't liking the whole string thing, but we have to keep her under some kind of control. The underside of our neighbors motorhome is far to enticing and we don't want to lose her in it. She is really enjoying rolling in the gravel and we have a little patch of grass that affords her some camoflage while hiding from the people and dogs walking by. Hopefully we will be able to forego the string eventually, but for now, the umbilical stays. Well, need to sign off for now. I should have some pretty good pictures and stories by the end of next week. I sure hope I'm not boring our readers! We seem to get more and more boring as we go along, but we are having a blast getting there, boring or not!


3rd January 2010

I have been checking this everyday..im glad you finally posted some more. It sounds so interesting!! It would be so fun to meet so many random people.
3rd January 2010

What was the temp? Glad all is going well. keep up the blogs it's nice to hear what's happening.
4th January 2010

Fun Fun
Thank you so the update on your trip.Yes, we know all all the La Paz County park as we have stayed there with Otto ourselves and it is such a great park and so friendly. You can go so many places from there also. So glad that your animals are getting along with everyone. What's not to love about them HUH? When I hear from Otto if I do I'll email you then.
4th January 2010

70 degrees!
I envy you the warmer, drier temps. It's pretty soggy and chilly here in WA. It sounds like you are having a blast. I look forward to following in your footsteps once my hubby retires. Take care. Keep the correspondence coming.
5th January 2010

im sure all the anonymous comments are from me...leave it up to me to not know how to leave a damn message. owell.IM BLONDE
21st January 2010

Sun in AZ? naaaa
yes! I do miss the 70 degree sunshine during winter.....sometimes! although, the 115-125 degree summer days are NOT missed at all!

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