P.E day needed for Kikotsmovi, Arizona

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Our last 2 days!

350 kms on Friday

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Waylon & Jenny
Magnifique journee dans l'Arizona, decor a perte de vue... indescriptible.passage dans une reserve "seche" (pas de vente de biere) mais la chance etait avec nous: un jeune indien nous a invite chez lui . Tres belle rencontre avec sa jeune femme dans leur maison typique dans le plus vieux village Hopi de l'Amerique du Nord. Le Nouveau-Mexique etait tres contraste avec le Texas: beaucoup de betails, mais pas beaucoup de cowboys.

What a day we had in New Mexico and Arizona! Where to start?... How about where we finished: in the small village of Kikotsmovi, Arizona, the oldest settlement according to our host Waylon Namingha and his wife Jenny Nauywaima, from the Bear clan of the Hopi tribe. Here's how it happens: we stop to snap a picture of an old village on top of a mountain and here comes this indian out of nowhere. I introduce myself, ask for his name ("Waylon" he says), and he invites us for a beer at his home, a 100 ft away. Now, just so you understand, we normally stock up our cooler so we can enjoy a cold beer in the afternoon but we found out a few hours before that we
A perte de vueA perte de vueA perte de vue

Welcome to Arizona!
can't buy alcool as we are in a reserve. Now appreciate this: it is about 4:30 pm, 85 degrees, and here comes this angel from God offering us a cold beer in a dry reserve... We accept, park our bikes in front of his house, meet his wife, with two kids sleeping in the bedroom-living room. We sit down and listen to the most amazing life story. The hospitality and generosity (he offered us four his own precious beer) that this young couple displayed will last a lifetime of memories. We could go on and on about how they pray for water ( they get only 6 inches of rain per year!), how they hold ceremonies for every occasion, how they celebrate the god of healing and the god of the sun... We felt really privileged to be part of this impromptu get together. And this is what this journey is about! Sharing the moments!

Bienvenue Mr Pierre and Mme Sharri a notre blog!
Merci a tous pour vos commentaires!
Chaque soir, on a hate de vous lire!


Bob, Andre, Francois et marc

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Window RockWindow Rock
Window Rock

La Capitale des Navajos
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When Route 66 meets Route 66

Only in downtown Albuquerque are both Route 66 (old and new) cross path!
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If you can't sell on that side of the fence, then let's sell on the other side...

17th May 2009

What a story so far!
Good morning travelers of the road. I have enjoyed reading the comments over the past week. I found most interesting your blog entitled "location, location, location". It is easy to imagine the "main street" from your photos a vibrant strip, full of people conducting business, shopping and enjoying a malt in a drugstore. I wonder when the interstate was built what was the government response to the shift away from small town USA. The photos of the old school gas stations are great! Keep them coming. Adam
17th May 2009

treasures and gifts
Hey Marc. Awesomely inspiring treasure of a moment. Thanks for sharing the gift you guys got. Isn't life wonderful? We have so much richness all around us. The best of it stored in our minds and hearts. Go on sharing dear friends. And to life as we make it!
17th May 2009

i'm visiting in OTTAWA with Shari and Pierre...That's such an awesome story and a memory that you'll keep forever. Glad you are enjoying the journey......thanks for including us on your blog. Great pictures and love the stories....keep them coming...we feel we are with you! Safe travels....Shanna, Shari, Pierre
17th May 2009

Difficile d'imaginer que c'est vous (Francois) qui êtes là... Dans ce décor de rêve et qui nous fait envie --- Super Papy
18th May 2009

Est-ce un rêve...
Salut Body! T'es-tu vraiment pincé pour être certain que tu ne rêve pas. Je trouve tellement que tu fais un voyage de rêve. Les motos portent bien la chaleur ? Tu devrais te faire bronzer un peu le front...:-))) Votre blog, c'est super! Je vais le lire tout les jours. Soyez prudent! Enjoy. Gaston et Christiane.
18th May 2009

C'est quoi cette joke là ... pas de nouvelles... lundi de congé... allez dites nous où vous vous cachez sur cette planète /+($*) ben voyons j'trouve pas le point d'intérogation sur ce maudit clavier en anglais! J'ai toujours très h+_)(*&?%%$$//!"/$%?&*()_ j'trouve pas encore l'accent circonflexe hate de vous lire. Profitez de chaques minutes gagne de chanceux... à bientot XXX
19th May 2009

mercredi ou jeudi?
Quelles belles aventures que vous vous ramassez la! On est pas la mais on participe pareil en regardant les belles photos et l'histoire orale...C'est le fun! Alors arrivez-vous a El Cajon Mercredi ou Jeudi...? On a hate....Andre et "Bob" sont pas allergiques aux chats j'espere? De toutes facons je crois que l'antidote est une bonne Margarita!!!! A bientot! H,A,M,A.

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