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August 3rd 2010
Published: August 23rd 2010
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The Grand CanyonThe Grand CanyonThe Grand Canyon

View from Moran Point along the rim
We got down to the canyon for the sunrise again - this time it wasn’t just me, it was the rest of the family as well. We thought we would take advantage of the fact that we were not completely in line with the local time yet and hence were still waking up early. This one was completely different - the more ‘traditional’ colourful sky and the sun reflecting off the rocks; completely different but very spectacular also.

After we had got back and had breakfast, we set about driving to Lake Powell. We did stop off at another view point as the route followed the rim of the canyon for a considerable way. Once out of the National Park, there were still various canyons, although we didn’t stop. The Lower Colorado river cut a narrow, but still deep scar through the landscape along the side of the road.

Upon arriving at Lake Powell, the first thing that was apparent was how much hotter it was than the Grand Canyon - probably due to the altitude. The brochures and the National Park guide refer to the area as Glen Canyon rather than Lake Powell. This was Glen Canyon until the Glen Canyon Dam was built and the canyon became a lake. The dam is one of the dominant features of the area and there is a visitors centre and tours available. We decided that we would not do a tour here as we were planning to go to the Hoover Dam when we were back in Las Vegas - stunning engineering achievements as they are, visiting two might seem repetitive. That turned out to be a mistake as we left Las Vegas early, which meant that we did not have time to visit the Hoover Dam whilst we were there.

The scenery here was a little like Sedona, with various rock formations. It was just a shame that the view was ruined by a hideously ugly power station that had been built nearby. Even that looked quite picturesque once the sun as set, with all the lights twinkling in the night.


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