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North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff October 3rd 2010

October 1 - 3, 2010 Flagstaff, Sedona, Jerome, AZ Arrived in Flagstaff and parked in another beautiful RV campground recommended by Good Sam Club. We had made reservations here for 3 nights, knowing that there was much we wanted to see in this area and the Snow Birds are heading south!! As we drove into the area clouds were forming in the sky - big, white, fluffy clouds that really enhance your pictures. Saturday we took off for Sedona, driving through Oak Creek Canyon and Slide Rock State Park. Again we are in the area of deep red rock and the canyons are so steep there was no place to pull off to get a good picture. Sorry, you’ll have to come here and experience it for yourself!! Sedona is a very beautiful town situated up ... read more
Flagstaff, AZ, J&H RV Sign
Sedona, AZ
Sedona, AZ

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff October 3rd 2010

(Amy's trip sans Jeffrey) I recently went on a fieldtrip with my Dendrochronology class that I'm taking at the U of A. We ventured north to Flagstaff to escape the heat and collect tree ring samples. But first, we endured a hellacious drive in a university van, with no AC (in triple digit weather), that rattled & shook so bad as it cruised down the highway that I thought it may fall apart. We also hit Phoenix right around rush hour time. The lunch that I packed turned into an unedible hot pile of goo from being in the sweltering heat for so long. Needless to say, I hoped this wasn't a premonition for the rest of the trip because if it was, I was going to be one bitchy pregnant person. I was delightfully surprised ... read more
Door to the past
years in the making
my sleeping arrangements

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff September 27th 2010

Sunday 26th September The 8am departure is becoming the norm. Today we are travelling by bus to Monument Valley and then on to Flagstaff, en route finally leaving Colarado behind. The first part of the journey is fairly inconsequential mostly flattish scrub land. After an hour or so we stop at a supermarket for a coffee and purchase food for lunch. On the road and soon we view mountains in the near and far distance. AS they become closer the various rock formations emerge- red sandstone shaped over millions of years by the wind and rain (so the driver / guide says). We pass through the Ute Indian reservation and then on the Navajo reservation, passing out of Colarado and into Utah on the way. Arrive at Monument Valley around noon and transfer to jeep type ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff August 15th 2010

Sunday we packed up and headed for Flagstaff. We needed to have the generator in the coach serviced, so we made an appointment for Monday at Camping World. CW offered to let us spend the night, so we parked there and headed for downtown Flagstaff. We had read that they have a nice new mall, but it took us a few tries to actually find it!! GPS didn't pick it up, we finally had to call the mall and get was down the hill and around the corner... Then we headed to the historic downtown. Checked out the Beaver Street Brewery and the Lumberyard Brewery. They are about a block apart, and turns out they are owned by the same people. Flagstaff is home to Northern Arizona University, and it is definitely a college town!! ... read more
Cliff Dwelling

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff July 13th 2010

Still in Flagstaff, went to Sedona last night and had dinner, beautiful ciity. Hunter and I went to the water park while Rich and Brandy took a motorcycle ride and Ed just stayed at the rv and rested. Going back to Sedona today and Rich, Brandy and Hunter are going to the Sliderock Park swimming and Ed and I are going to Sedona to some of the shops. This afternoon we are going on a jeep tour of the red rock mountains. Tomorrow off to the Grand Canyon.... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff July 12th 2010

Well yesterday did not go well, Ed had to go to hospital for blood transfusion (2 Units) his hemoglobin was 8.7 and with the high altitude here it was hard for him to breath, so needless to say I was there for 11 hours, but my sister Danette and husband Tom came up from Phoenix and stayed with me it was nice to spend the time with them. Rich, Brandy and Hunter went to Sedona (we rented a car) and had a real nice time. Today we are suppose to go back to slide waterfall park in Sedona and then tomorrow take a jeep tour. Thursday hope to get to Grand Canyon. ... read more

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff July 7th 2010

Efter en nat i "rigtige" senge hos Chuck og Valetta startede jeg med at vaske et par maskiner tøj. Her er helt vildt støvet, så tøjet fra vores quad-ture i går var virkelig snavset. Vi lod ungerne sove længe. Når vi er i vores egen bil, er alle nød til at stå op på én gang. Her er det noget andet. Vi tog en enkelt kop kaffe på terassen, mens vi ventede på ungerne. Da de kom snigende havde Chuck allerede store planer for dagen. Vi startede på et snedigt madsted, hvor vi fik mexikansk morgenmad - MED SODAVAND TIL!!! Det har vi s.. aldrig prøvet før, men maden var god. Forbudt for bedsteforældre: En quad er en 4-hjulet motorcykel. Og jeg siger jer Chuck har ikke noget børnelegetøj. Det er virkelig hvad kan der ... read more
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North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff July 6th 2010

Ja historien med AC'en var rigtig nok - næsten. Her til morgen fik jeg snakket med dem vi havde lejet bilen af og fandt ud af at det var så simpelt som en sikring der var gået, det var jeg egentlig selv lidt klar over at det kunne være det, men vidste ikke hvor den hulens kontakt sad. Det viste sig at vi ironisk nok havde sovet på den, det var et panel som var monteret på sengen. Men vi kørte øst på gennem Las Vegas, over Hoover Dam og Videre til Flagstaff. Vi havde lavet en aftale med Chuck og Valetta, Chuck er Mary's storebror som bor i Flagstaff, som vi nåede ned til ved firetiden. Chuck har altid gang i et eller andet og jeg vil tro han er lokal mester i legetøj, som ... read more
Udsigt i Pahrump
Vejen til Vegas
Vandstand ved Hoover

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff June 26th 2010

Our travels today were only 177 mi. We left at 6 am though because we had several stops to make. At 7 am we had already reached the entrance to the Petrified Forest National Park because we went through a time change when we entered Arizona. The painted desert was amazing. The "forest" was a little disappointiing as they were all petrified fallen chunks of logs. I guess it's one of those things you can say 'been there, done that'. At least the weather cooperated and it was MUCH cooler today, in the 70's. Getting up in elevation around 6000 ft. After we left there, we headed to the Flagstaff KOA campground. Took about an hour to set up which wasn't bad since this is our first night on this trip camping. Then it was on ... read more
Petrified Forest Entrance
Painted Desert
Painted Desert Inn and Piper

North America » United States » Arizona » Flagstaff May 1st 2010

We managed to get in a whole 10 hours sleep last night! Must have needed it! We grabbed a quick coffee, loaded up the car and made the one hour journey to the Grand Canyon, we entered via the south which is a first for us as we normally come in the other end. We took in the sights from the various view points along the 30 mile stretch. Liz & Andy both thought it was totally breathtaking. All 3 of them - yes, even Liz, hiked a tiny way down. She did keep telling Niggall and Andy off everytime they went to wander off near the edge. There are literally no barriers, its safety at your own risk! Think we all ended up with a bit of altitude sickness! We left via the east exit ... read more
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