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January 3rd 2015
Published: January 5th 2015
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The helicopter trip over the Grand Canyon had been the highlight of our whole trip so far. Getting to see if from above and grasp how big the canyon is was crazy. There are parts where it is 24km wide and once you fly over the edge you are suddenly 1.4km from the canyon floor. It was put into perspective when the pilot, who was a funny dude who to,d us a heap of information, told us the Colorado river at the bottom, which from where we were looking looked like you could throw a stone from once side to the other was actually 100m wide. After landing we still felt like we were on top of the world and bought the video so we can relive it back at home. After our flight we jumped back on the bus and started heading for our Latin for the night. We had a stop at Walmart where we had a real American experience. At Walmart we did what a lot of Aussies do and headed to have a look at the guns, while here we got a picture and a man seemed very nice making sure his children didn't photobomb our picture. He then got taking and asked where we were from, he seemed baffled that we had strict gun control in Australia, like yes his silly are you guys. He then made sure by asking that, 'people don't carry a gun in their hip?' When asked if he had one in him he was happy to flash it with the comment, 'smith and Weston, one live in the chamber incase anyone gives me a hard time'. We promptly wish the man a nice day and got well away from him. We later found out that it's only in Arizona you are allowed to carry them with you and that in most if the rest of the country it was illegal to have it on your hip like that. We got into our hotel which was in a place called Laughlin, pronounced Laflin. The place it at the South of Navada and is a Vegas for over 65. We got many funny looks as a young group of people with once person asking 'why in the world did you come to Laughlin?'. We had a last dinner with our new friends and good catch up before heading for our last flutter, it was nice as there were $5 tables here so our money lasted longer. We were at a table for an hour chatting with the dealer and other patrons at the table. It was a great experience as we discussed health care, illegal aliens (there name for illegal immigrants), our pet kangaroos and crocodile Dundee. The table was very kind with Theresa the only one in a group of 4 who didn't come close to breaking even.

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7th January 2015

Enjoying the read:)
It has been wonderful reading about your trip and seeing the photos. You will have some amazing memories to last you a lifetime.

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